The Monzo Roadmap

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Couple of suggestions

  • could categories have a setting to enable overused or unused budget to rollover, e.g. To allow holiday budget to work on an annual basis (or simply assign an annual budget

  • could you either create categories or have a few prebuilt user defined categories which can be relabelled

Great work otherwise though. I just also want to see the commitment to ethical banking - what is unsecured overdraft to private individuals btw?? Sounds like a euphemism!

To me that an overdraft not secured on property or an asset like a car and it for personal accpunts but not business accounts

I just got my card and used it for the first time, works fine transactions come up straight away and I like how it shows your spend history and category, road map looks interesting too.

Other things I like too see, multi currency wallet so you can hold money in dollars/euro/pound.

Send money/requesting to normal bank accounts/Paypal/Revolut would open it up a bit more.

Change pin within the app.

I like idea of list ATM you can use per country when arrive, maybe it gives you a break down of free ones and ones to avoid, be good to show MasterCard rate against other cards or banks.

Looking forward to the bank account too!

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Hi, shouldn’t the near and medium terms on the roadmap have some dates on it otherwise how do we know what they are relative to?

We’re looking at roughly 3 months work time for the near term but 3 months from what date?

All the times are relative to now :slight_smile: So 3 months from now, 6-9 months from now etc. And I’ll also quote from my original blog post in case it gets missed:

Please remember that this is not set in stone – our time and the facts on the ground change incredibly fast!


How useful is that though Tristan?

3 months doesn’t really mean anything if there’s no start point right? If an item has been on the near term list for 11 weeks how is it different to an item that was added yesterday if they are both 3 months “from today”?

Someone who notices at the time that an item was added to the near term 11 weeks ago would have a rough time-frame in mind when that item may be completed which would be a completely different time-frame compared to someone looking today for instance if they were both using the 3 months time-frame as a rough guide.

I realise none of these time-frames are set in stone and are rough guides only but wouldn’t a “Q1 2017” or “summer 2017” time-frame be more informative to people than a 3 months “from today” box which doesn’t really mean anything.

By clicking into the card, you can see when the card was moved to into the list

which is presumably the date 3 months before the time when Monzo thought that it would be delivered. However, since - as Tristan said - the time’s aren’t set in stone, I look at the roadmap as a relative guide…

So Bill Splitting will be released before the launch of the bank (& we knew the Request Money feature would be the first step towards Bill Splitting). Then you have a rough sense of the timescales, based on the lists.

My work involves a process that’s similar to product development so I know how hard it is to predict timescales when you’re building something from scratch (even if you’re an expert). I would imagine it’s even more difficult when you’re trying to build a bank, as well as the features that we’re seeing in the app!


Not asking for an absolute date just trying to understand the use of the moving 3 months window and what it adds really?

The only thing we can get from the roadmap at the moment is that items in the near term will be released before items in the medium term which will be released before items in the long term. That’s fine if that’s all they want to share but why add in a moving\floating timeframe?

I think a “Q2 2017” type timeframe is a better way to display the information as it still covers a large time period but also gives the reader an idea of what they are aiming for.

Just a thought as someone quite new and reading the roadmap for the first time and trying to make sense of the timeframes (or not :slight_smile:) .

This is the best way to take it, in my opinion. I read it as an upcoming feature list which is in priority order.


Just a heads up - Tristan has told me, in the developer’s Slack team, that the order of the cards in each list is random, they’re not ordered by priority. (The message has been archived now so unfortunately I can’t show you a screenshot).

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That’s not totally true, but broadly true :slight_smile: I think the value is totally in knowing our priority order and being able to infer dates from it is pretty simple IMO. We’ve also done stuff on it that wasn’t there originally, so some things get pushed back. @Reck surely Q2 2017 is no different to 3-6 months from now?


Sorry, I meant first priority is 0-3 months, next is 3-9 etc etc. Not necessarily the order in each category.

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Correct but you’re doing neither at the moment.

You said earlier that all the times are relative to now. So last week was 3 months away, tomorrow will be 3 months away, next week will be 3 months away. If you say Q2 2017 the timeframe reduces each day as you progress towards the goal.

I worked on a project for a financial firm where hard dates were shown and it was a mess with timescale slipages all the time and their knock on effect on later parts in the plan. The current system Monzo use of 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 or whatever is much more practical and stops customers moaning because you are a week or month behind


Q2 2017 should not be considered a hard date. The roadmap from what i’m quickly understanding is a rough plan so I suppose you could consider the dates an aspiration or a target to aim for.

No one should be moaning if they understand this as targets are missed all the time. As we have it now we have no target to aim for!

but I can assure you from experience when you publish say New Debit cards Q1 or Jan and they end up moving to Q2 or Feb customers notice and they do moan. You waste your time trying to justify reasons why the slippage occurred and they are still upset. Better to use the system we have in place


I always took the months as general indicators. Until a feature is released we should always consider it as being that many months away whether it was added to the board yesterday or 2 months ago.


real world tho…

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@alexs did Monzo share its product development process somewhere? I’d be interested by their method. How they prioritise, do sprints, how their PMs, devs and designers work together…etc.