The Monzo Community's 2018 Christmas Wish List!


You know what, I almost put Badger Pay in. Wish I had now! :badger:



I can’t believe that I left off transaction history for Pots. Or that no one has picked up on it!

Bad the me.


Perhaps adding an ‘insurance package’ for a monthly fee like some other current accounts would be a good addition :grin:


Hopefully Monzo offer something similar to Revolut with options for an annual insurance package or travel/device insurance for a user define data period.

Revolut’s current offering also looks more in keeping with Monzo’s marketplace ideas since it’s a deep integration in the app but a separate insurance compny providing the product.

(Nathan) #46

Im actually surprised with some of the things above Custom Categories

(Matijaz Pecnik) #47

What I really want is to have more control over notification. At the moment it doesn’t give me useful information and I still have to then open an app to get that info.

Instead of “X at . You’ve spent Y today.”
I would like to have:
“X at . Your new balance is Y.”
“X at . You have a direct debit of Y coming up tomorrow.”

(Elliot ) #48

Ability to split transactions into multiple transactions (e.g. Taking out money from an atm can be split into multiple transactions), custom images for pots and pots for joints accounts. They’d be at top of my list.

(Elliot ) #49

I’m having the same issue after trying it out on my phone, running the latest update of monzo on an iPhone xs max with up to date software. Hope this changes soon, with some possible customisation of the options available.

(Andrew) #50

Has anyone mentioned iOS Shortcuts integration?


So everyone who voted custom images for Pots as our current #1 is going to love today’s Making Monzo sneak peek: :hot_coral_heart:

(Michael) #52

Nice, but that’s maybe dashing my dreams of more granular card controls to keep me warm this Christmas


My “Something Else” is the ability to automatically put a percentage of a specified income into a savings pot.

This would be invaluable for self employed people like myself whose income varies from month to month and need to set aside a percentage of that for income tax.

(Kieren) #54

Another anything else - and the most time critical… I stand by the fact that we need this: Festive Custom Icon

(Andre Borie) #55

More important than this, I really want the white background icon we used to have on the Current Account Preview. :heart_eyes: