Monzo Community Xmas Party

(Sacha Zarb) #11

Was good, thanks for hosting, and yep as I said children’s accounts are s**t :woozy_face: sorry for the language!


Loved the ‘shit toy’ comment :joy::joy:


Me neither! :sob:

(Jack) #14

I’d love to have attended but had other commitments this weekend :see_no_evil:. Hope everyone had a nice time!


Did these involve a pub with that typo :wink:

(Jack) #16

:joy: maybe… but generally I’m awful at proof reading!

(Jonathon) #17

Nothing at all on the forums?!

(Foxy) #18

Was worth it just to see your trainers and hair :rofl: in all honesty I’m jealous of both. Would have been nice to get a present but i made a mistimed toilet break. But i grabbed an extra beer instead so I’ll take that!

(Simon B) #19

Yeah, the trainers are what I usually get complimented on most but tonight it was the playlist! (Once people found out that I put it together)

Here it is for anyone interested - a nice blend of Xmas songs and party vibes. Shoutout to @kiml who helped me put it together!


A very interesting watch.

The splinters from the fence when Brexit was announced may hurt, but got a few laughs.

Sorry I missed out on the Crowdfunding, though glad it’s not going towards a roulette wheel in the app either lol.

(Andy Hughes) #21

Aww maaaan this is the first I heard of the party!

(Nathan) #22

Thought the range of questions asked was excellent.

The one point tom made that i didnt like was the… maybe a larger crowdfund round next year :see_no_evil:

Personally thought with the main aim of being profitable next year that this may have been the last crowdfund round needed hence why i invested :grimacing:


Monzo might become profitable in the UK, but need extra funding to finance expansion to Mainland Europe or the USA in 2020.

(MikeF) #24

The biggest thing I took from the Q&A is that Monzo aren’t at the point of trying to do everything for everyone, at least at the moment. Realistically, this had to be the case for financial reason alone but it was good to hear it said clearly and distinctly.

(Michael) #25


The point about multi-currency accounts from Tom, for example, really made that clear

While such an account sounds a good idea, truth be told most people including myself would not make a lot of use of one across the year

(Matt) #26

Great Q&A. Much learned from watching the stream. Bring on 2019!


Do we know how they chose who to invite to the Christmas party? Seems like a lot of active members had no idea…

The Monzo Community's 2018 Christmas Wish List!

I don’t think it was invite only. Standard Eventbrite sign up like the open offices, I think.


Aren’t those usually advertised on here though?


Not always. I’ve found the publicity around office events a bit inconsistent, tbh. I usually find them through the events channel on Slack…

Edit: more info here:

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