The Monzo app is changing: we've had a makeover!

You were able to get the old one back before because it was still in transition to the new one. Now that it’s rolled out basically they can’t put you back.

It’ll be silly for monzo to offer both because it means managing two different interfaces (bug fixes for both and training co-ops to navigate two different ones - just more work when unnecessary).

Give it a chance because I’m liking it a lot more and it’s a lot more modern compared to the original layout


Do they still have the somersaulting chicken as their opening gif?

I lasted about two months with them

No, it’s just a multicolored B. I will probably stay with them for the cheque imaging and interest but otherwise prefer Monzo at present.
I particularly like being able to add notes and photos of receipts in Monzo. I find this very useful as I buy often from Amazon and like being able to remember what particular payments were for.

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Thought I’d put in my two pence worth on this:

I like the change, I think the app is easier to navigate around and I like the fact that by simply clicking on my profile pic I can see all my pots in a row on one screen.

Somebody above mentioned the addition of seeing your balance after every transaction. That would be very useful. The Natwest app allows you to swipe left to add an additional balance column which shows this. Maybe something can be implemented here?

The only other thing I would mention is the long requested ability to swap order of pots for when swiping through them and a dark mode would be good.

Other than that I really don’t get the hate from what I’ve been skimming. Well done Monzo. Better than the original app!


Any idea when this is getting to the last of us still on the old layout?

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I’ve been using Monzo since it was called Mondo and only now have registered for the forum to give feedback. I rarely use my personal account and would like to make the joint account default.


hi there, we are having the same problem. It keeps defaulting to the personal account, and we have no cash in there. Is this a bug?

This has been fixed in the latest Test Flight release, so I’m guessing it’ll be available early next week.


I mean, you may chortle, but I’ve been using Starling for a few weeks now and using it has been a pleasure. It’s minimalist and simple to use while meeting all of my needs. I don’t have to think too hard to use it, and I don’t have to stare at 14 (yes, I counted) potential interactions on a single screen wondering where it was I was meant to be going or what I was meant to be doing.

Does it have issues? Of course, but they’re pretty minimal.

While I haven’t left Monzo entirely, Starling has replaced a lot of things I used use Monzo for, just so I can avoid having to use the new UI.

Edit: The UI isn’t the only reason I’ve moved a lot over to Starling though.


I feel you, having the joint account as a main account sets you back quite significantly in terms of features that are available. Monzo REALLY needs to address this.


Fair enough. Meeting your needs is the important thing :slight_smile:

I always found it a bit dark and foreboding (with or without dark mode!) and do wonder how it can ever scale to properly include new accounts and the like

Hi. For me the graph was an essential feature.
If there will not be soon anything to replace its functionality of seeing how I spent my money over time, over several months, I would be very disappointed.
It is so annoying that this new app does not have a basic feature that would allow the detailed history of the user’s account activity - even the silly Nationwide app has that!
How can I see how much money I had in my account 15 days ago?


You can download a statement. Not ideal, but it shows a running balance.

Ahhh, reminisce on happy memories of when you had more money :laughing:

I believe you can see them on your statements :slight_smile:


Check out Cafe Nero app as an example of where Monzo can take the ‘financial hub’ and how the new layout’s vision helps with this.

Why after all this time can we still not reorder pots, it’s such a basic and easy to implement feature that many are asking for, but still nothing.

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I reckon it’ll be next on the list.

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Strange - to my 59 nearly 60 year old eyes - the bright white makes it easier for me to see! :joy:


I still don’t have the new look !!! However I think everyone who say has the “new design” is lying, because according to the following Monzo chat response the new design hasn’t rolled out yet. :crazy_face: