The Monzo app is changing: we've had a makeover!

They’re gradually rolling out the new layout this week/next week if I’m not mistaken

Edit: Welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

That would make sense but the app notes should probably indicate that as they heavily imply the update gives the new UI


True - but the app update notes have always been off from time to time :laughing:

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They said that they’re rolling it out.

The new app is required so that all customers can use the new layout without manually enabling it

It does still have the code for both layouts in it though - I was able for a brief period to turn it off and on in Labs before they removed the toggle

Once all customers have the new layout enabled server side they will presumably delete the old layout

Their reasoning for the delayed rollout was to be able to check that nothing went wrong that they could not pause, but I imagine spreading out helpdesk calls is a factor as well


Only 1 million people left to upgrade. We should be done by Friday :tada:



Oh how time has flown by for you guys to be able to say “only one million left” :joy::clap:


Will there be a feature similar to/showing the same information as the pulse graph on the new version of Monzo?

Today? No. One day? Maybe, in some way, shape or form.

The new look is just awful - horrendous.
Together with the still missing ability to download statements for arbitrary dates it has just about caused me to ditch Monzo completely. Starling gets ever better in my opinion.


Absolutely hate the new look of the app.

The home screen is shit don’t really get what it’s trying to achieve there’s too much going on with the flick up and down menu


Admittedly I have closed my Starling two weeks ago, but what has changed for the better app wise? It still looked near identical to a year ago when I last saw


And with that the prosecution rests, Your Honour


At least with the complete lack of detail no one will waste any effort on additional work to fix anything :joy:


Quick rollout! Well done though :clap:t3:

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Mine still looks the same :frowning:

You’ll have it Friday at the latest

But I’m impatient…



I’m happy with the features and really excited about the prospect of pots for bills and a salary sorted, these could prompt me to fully switch.

My only wish would be dark mode please, the old app was great being dark and bright white triggers migraines for me unless I put brightness very low. Please at least give an option?