The Mondo Beta

(Tristan Thomas) #1

136 days after we launched the Alpha Preview, we’re excited to announce the Mondo Public Beta! As a current Alpha user, we wanted to let you know a few things.

The Mondo app is now available for public download from the App Store! Tell your friends they can now download Mondo and if they’re on the waiting list, we’ll show their exact position.

If you were previously using TestFlight to install the app, you can now switch to the App Store for automatic updates – you’re welcome to stay on TestFlight though if you want to be on the bleeding edge of development :grinning:

Send Money

You can now send instant P2P (person-to-person) payments to any other Mondo user with just their phone number. Split the tab, share grocery expenses, repay borrowed money – the world is your oyster and it’s all secured by TouchID. It’s all in the Send Money tab at the bottom of the screen.

Invite your friends

You can now invite your friends to join the Mondo waiting list from the Send Money screen! We’re also working on a way to let you select certain friends to jump the queue entirely - watch out for more information in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for all of your support so far and helping us test the Alpha. We can’t wait to bring many more people on board!

The Mondo Team

(Alex) #2

Congratulations to you all!

(bedfordsean) #3

Congratulations guys - it’s been great to watch the progress through the alpha. I’m looking forward to the day I can actually get a Mondo debit card! :smiley:

(Antoine A.) #4

I’m just wondering, what changed fundamentally compared to the Alpha phase ? Users still have to wait in the queue, the app is the same, ie it was already available on AppStore and TestFlight… :confused:

(James Allison) #5

I think the frequency of cards they’re distributing is the key change - 1000 a week is a lot more than Alpha was distributing.

(Asher) #6

The app was not available on the App Store for most of the Alpha, that’s a recent change to get ready for Beta users.

(tom) #7

The app is available for public download and new signups can invite friends bump themselves up the queue. People who invite ~17 friends get a card within a couple of days now.

Also, the card says “Beta” :wink:

We’ll be distributing tens of thousands of these cards, compared to 3,000 limited-edition Alphas.

(Ben) #8

I got into the beta programme after about 24 hours due to sharing the sign up link with friends. Think I went from 12,000 in the queue down to to 1, with 5 people using the code

(Caleb Wong) #9

I got my referral link to work! Got in and now waiting for a card on Monday. Hopefully before i leave for my trip.

(Adam Hockley) #10

friends jump que sounds good. maybe VIP invites 5 mouth monese does them

(Mat Morris) #11

Got my Beta card and gave it a good first run out yesterday, used all my first top up and then some.

Great start, can’t wait to see how the features unfold as I use the card more.

(Tom) #12

Are there any plans to make the app PIN or Touch ID protected?

(Hugo Cornejo) #13

Totally, here’s a little glimpse :slight_smile:

(Tom) #14

Cheers Hugo :thumbsup:



Is it possible to let some friends jump the queue? Or is it still in the works? If so, can we still expect it?