Android Users, am I waiting for the App or card?

(Matt) #1

I very much apologise if this thread has been started or answered.

I’m very much looking forward to refreshing and simple banking, i was a customer of “think money” for a few years before i went to another bank and got ripped off for 6 years.

I was wondering, now i’m top of the andriod queue and waiting for the App, is this the point where you get to do the £100 deposit and get the card, or is the a point before hand? I imagine the latter but i just want to be clear.

i cant wait to start using Mondo.


( #2

My reading of this is that you’re waiting for a more complete version of the app that you can use. I think it’s just the queue part of the app on Android.

(Matt) #3

Yeah, so i’m waiting for the app, and is it at this point i get a card, or is a card in the post already? i’m just a bit unsure of the workflow.


(Jacqueline) #4

So the app shows you current position in the queue, once the app is ready (with the actual banking functions) and your position reach 0, you then have the option to top up £100 and have the card sent to you right away :slight_smile:
So it’s a waiting game at the mo.

Please do correct me if I am wrong.

(Matt) #5

Oh no you are not wrong at all, i have a message saying i’m now top of the waiting list and the app is in development.

i now understand that once the app is ready i will get my card.

(Jacqueline) #6

Not long now :slight_smile:


same here…

(Adam) #8

once you pay the initial £100 it is normally send the same day if before 4pm.

(Adam Williams) #9

So essentially since the investors are bumped up the queue after the app is ready, they’ll get a card later than everyone who happened to download the Android app soon after it was released and didn’t invest at all. Neat!