The Meghan interview

41k people complain because they don’t share somebodies opinion. I bet only 1000 actually watched the programme and complained!


The Palaces response:


I don’t care much for the royal family but that response is laughable to me, probably silly have expected something more in the first place but they needed to address issues seriously, this does not do that. It’s like they’ve thrown the towel in


I am totally indifferent to the Royal Family, but I’m not sure what they could put that would please everyone. After all, by the very nature of it, it is a family. It is not like the CEO can just fire the employee who was bad.


Looks like he’s potentially resigning on the back of the investigation :thinking:

That would be amazing. As long as nobody else gives him air time.

I don’t have a problem with him having opinions, but when you belittle someone for speaking up about mental health issues, it’s very damaging.

There will be a lot of people that think people won’t believe them, or won’t care, so they keep quiet.

People don’t seem to have learnt after Caroline Flack. If something terrible had happened to Meghan, the press would have gone into overdrive about mental health ignoring that they are the problem. Just like last time.



The only other programme to have received more complaints in Ofcom’s 17-year history was the racism row involving Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty on Celebrity Big Brother in 2007. That attracted 44,500 complaints over several days.

Ofcom to investigate Piers Morgan’s comments about Meghan Ofcom to investigate Piers Morgan's comments about Meghan - BBC News

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It’s all part of the plan he has to remain relevant as a right wing news person.

He was always leaving that show in the near future to join one of the new right wing news channels that’s about to spring up. It’s part of his calculated PR plan and will ensure that he takes all those viewers that agree with him to the new channel once it starts broadcasting to his own show and soap box.

I’m sure this interview stuff has just pushed his plans forward but he’ll use this to keep going on Twitter with it, news interviews elsewhere etc.

Nope, his contract was always up this year - was widely reported last year.

The timing of this (for him) couldn’t be better. Make people think he is resigning over it, then join the new News U.K. channel or whatever it is called, and his fan base will follow him.

Edit - just spotted others already said this, sorry.

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Yeah I’ve got caught up in the hype.

I can’t stand the man and ignore most things related to him so didn’t know he was off to start a new show.


I was one of those 41,000, and it had nothing to do with not sharing someone’s opinion. I think he is a bully, and when he commented on not believing a word Meghan said directly after showing a clip of her expressing her thoughts on not wanting to be alive, I felt that it was extremely dangerous that he is able to express himself on national TV like that. Many people who saw that will have experienced suicidal thoughts and had people not believe them, not believe the seriousness of it (I am one of those people) resulting in things becoming even worse for them. The fact someone can perpetuate those kinds of things on national TV is dangerous, I think.

Like Piers or dislike him. He does at times speak some sense.
His comments around Megan are his beliefs that all of this is an act from her.
Now she is a mighty fine actor in suits but that interview had some truths behind it.

Two interesting facts - how tightly was Harry holding her hand at times?
She had to change some of her versions when Harry was questioned.

Mental health is real and to belittle someone who was going through this is unacceptable.

I imagine some of what has been said is truthful but I’m not sure everything is.

The wedding part made my laugh! What they should have said is they had a private blessing as that was all it was.

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Oh I didn’t know about that either. The last thing we need is more right wing press.

2 whole channels incoming, one I think from memory is pretty much all day every day, the other more evenings. Admittedly I’ve not read up in a while about them so I may have gotten that mixed up as to broadcast schedule.

And he could be right. But he has a duty as a news presenter and a journalist to not spout beliefs without providing any evidence for those beliefs. That’s the job of the internet.

That isn’t his job though. If he was presenting the news, that would be different. He was a co-host of a tacky breakfast show and paid to give opinions.


“Never again is what you swore the time before”
- The Policy of Truth


He isn’t paid as a news presenter - they pan to them every 30 minutes.
He talks about the news and is paid for his opinion.

It’s funny how someone who is paid to give opinions can be so terrible at listening to other people give theirs.


Fair enough. I don’t think he (or anyone else) should be paid for spouting unsubstantiated beliefs out of the TV or radio, though.

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