The Meghan interview

Anyone watching the interview?
Any thoughts?

I think they needed to voice their opinion of events. Is this the truth or there view point?

As always there’s 2 sides to a story and this is their version. No one will ever know with certainty what’s what.


One could argue there are three.

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:thinking: a fair point.

Whether her issues were ‘valid’ or not , if it makes you suicidal they are real issues, and it’s sad that someone who should have had access to alot of help didn’t get or didn’t feel they could ask.


Some of the reactions here are like the opposite of the 13 reasons why impact. Still haven’t been able to bring myself to watch that.

It’s amazing how fleeting people can be with their empathy.


I love the Queen. I think she’s wonderful and I don’t think she’s had any part of this.

Phil the Greek, Jug Ears in Waiting and Baldy Cheat can GTFO.

I don’t blame them for what they’ve done and I don’t doubt any of what they’re saying

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I think we all need to ask ourselves - how much of what we see on the TV screen is reality.
I don’t think this shows any lack of empathy.

Suicide is a very real thing but I don’t think that is the focus of this interview.
They want to tell their point of view.
We all have mental unwellness - just some people aren’t able to recognise it.

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This is what stood out to me about the whole thing.

Mental health is so important. If Meghan reached out for mental health treatment and was denied access to it, that’s one of the worst things imaginable if true.


Nicholas Witchell can now happily retire. His successor is ready & waiting…:blush:


How was she denied access? She was not a prisoner. This part just doesn’t make sense.

Harry admitted later on in the interview that he was ashamed and did not seek help for her also.

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A sad state of affairs all round. How much on either side is true we’ll never know. All I know is

  1. Dirty washing should always be kept indoors
  2. None of this will effect my daily life
  3. My nearest pub opens on 14 April



I haven’t watched the whole interview as the idea of watching a bunch of privileged millionaire chums having a cosy chat about how tough they are finding things doesn’t interest me that much.

Having said that, from the news reports, we find that the family has one or two people with racist ideas, but I think we knew that already.

Winfrey flagged it up as a no holds barred, nothing is off the table interview. But he wouldn’t talk about who the person who made the racist comment was, and she wasn’t quizzed about her relationship with her own family (or did the news reports omit that?).

So, all in all, it just seems like a PR stunt to me.


Anyone thats suffering from mental health problems should seek help, and she did that. Through the HR department which rightly or wrongly say you arent an employee so we can’t help.

As for the other stuff, not googling harry, not knowing the protocol of showing the queen respect in all circumstances, national anthem etc. I don’t buy it at all.

The complaint about money and titles? Disgusting. Harry hasnt had to pay a penny of his own money for his entire life, and now hes moaning? Archie also isnt entitled to Prince till Charles is King, so thats a non starter too. Alluding to it being about race? Laughable.

Any actor worth their salt does prior research.


She was they just curt it from the long version they put on the TV, clips of it can be seen on the CBS This Morning twitter feed.

Apparently the actual interview was 3 hours 25mins and they cut it to 1 hour 25 mins without breaks.

Questions is what else was cut, CBS has show about 20 minutes across various clips that weren’t in the aired version, what else was there?

A counsellor is just a Google search and a phone call away. Anonymous support is there 24h. The complaint seems to be rather that “Palace HR” didn’t want to sort it out. I do wonder whether they can survive on their own!

It sounds like they’re having a truly awful time of it, but complaining they can’t get adequate mental healthcare (or even suggesting that might have been the case) just reflects an ivory tower mentality that’s likely to anger a lot of people who are facing huge hurdles to access even basic stuff right now.

It’s the weakness of using the platform of their Royal status without the moral discipline and dedication to public service that would garner respect in the eyes of the people


In the same way she could have called any news station/paper and had an interview while all the negative press was going on, there’s somethings that are logical but you just can’t do under that level of control.

Like telling an abused partner to “Just call the police”, it’s not always that simple.

I have far more respect for them for what they’ve done, than the rest of them. Queen aside.


I have every sympathy for someone who says they have been unable to access the health care they need. Being angry about it would be hugely unfair.

Don’t forget she was in a world where there’s a lot of control over access and security. So while you say she could have made an appointment herself, she could have been unable to do so due to being told she couldn’t go out without security, and not being allowed to or refuse security. Or “no, no time for that, you’ve got a full diary of other engagements”.

I’m sad for her that she couldn’t get the support she needed. Same as I would be any person who couldn’t access it regardless of their status.



If that’s the case, then she’s suffered a different level of abuse altogether

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41,000… that’s gotta be some kind of record surely? I don’t recall the last time I heard of a situation where ofcom received enough complaints to actually a warrant an investigation either.

I still haven’t watched the interview myself yet, but hope to catch it on Friday.

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