I've got "news" to share

So tomorrow is turning into a busy day, I’ve been asked to go onto a few different BBC channels to talk about my gambling past and how Monzo gambling block has been a huge part in me never gambling again!

Tomorrow morning at around 8am, I’ll be in the studio of BBC Radio 5live to talk on the breakfast show! Very nervous about this!

Then on BBC One breakfast show I’ve prerecorded a few bits to be played in a feature that’s planned to be on.

After this there’s an episode of BBC Radio 4 Moneybox at midday, that’s going to talk about using tech to beat gambling.

(I’ve heard someone from Monzo might be speaking too! Don’t know this for sure though!)

All the times could change but there you go, facing up to it all tomorrow to be honest and share my past to try stop someone else who’s struggling. It’s all part of a push to get the gambling block feature built into other banks and maybe even all UK banks!

Let’s hope I don’t forget how to speak at the last second ha!


I’m sure you’ll be fab! Congrats on getting the word out there to help others :hot_coral_heart:

I’ll be sure to tune in :slight_smile:


Record set.

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fantastic bottle Danny - hopefully your honesty will potentially help hundreds of people struggling to overcome their problems - well done mate


ill be listening for sure! good luck mate!

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So exciting! :radio: :tv:


Good luck!

I’m sure I saw you on some papers website this week, perhaps the Daily Mail?

Great! Hopefully you’ll inspire others. Good luck.

Yep, unfortunately they missed out the main reason I shared, and made me look like I was a daft student who took out a loan, but you lot on here know the full story !

It actually left me feeling pretty low the way they wrote it, been asked none stop in work and on my Facebook how was I so daft…

This is an exact example I guess, to never trust the papers, half a story and completely gave the wrong message… Not one mention of gambling/addiction’s or mental health.


Daily Mail - What would you expect :face_with_raised_eyebrow: They just don’t care much or put any thought into anything.

Igone them if possible and don’t feel down about this. Keep up the work.


Yep :slight_smile:


Good Luck! You’ll be doing a great thing tomorrow.

I hope someone can post links, as I’m out of the country at the moment and won’t be able to watch/listen live.

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Good luck!

And yes to your ‘never trust the papers’ - I’d expand that to ‘never trust any jounalists’. They usually have a story they want to tell and edit your contribution to fit.


We were really sad when we saw this at Monzo, Danny. We do know the full story and it’s unfortunate they didn’t share it :disappointed:


But hey you got your serious “Daily Mail” face game on so… :slight_smile:

Luckily I don’t read the Mail!


Awesome news! Good luck and enjoy the moments :grinning:

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I don’t think anyone admits to reading the Mail do they?


You’re doing a great thing Danny and we’re all behind you!


Proud of you! Will have a listen :heartbeat:

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Blimey was that you!? Well done for having the bottle to step up and speak.