The Last Of Us (TV Show)

Starts January 2023.

For anyone who has played the games, you already know how huge this is gonna be.

For those who haven’t played them, you are going to want to watch this anyway. The games are up there with the best storytelling/plot of any medium of the last 20 years in my opinion. And it feels like, from the trailers so far, they are going to do justice to them. Pedro Pascal as Joel, one of the main characters (and who you play as in the first game) is an utterly phenomenal casting choice.

Without giving too much anyway for anyone that hasn’t played, the premise is that all humans live in a post-apocalyptic world which has been ravaged by a fungus-borne virus that turns people into zombies. But these aren’t your typical zombies. Joel is giving the mission of delivering Ellie, a young girl, to a rebel group known as the Fireflies.

I’m so excited for this show!


The games are amazing!

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I confess that story annoyed me. That girl, man what was her problem lol :joy: just let me shoot the zombies.

Still looking forward to the TV show though.


I absolutely adore both games, so I know i’m going to love this TV show


This was everything :heart:

tangentially related… NowTV use possibly the worst case of doublespeak I’ve ever seen during a sign up process:


That’s a breach of GDPR to be honest, having opt out default opt in is pretty much not allowed.
Cookie banners get around it (kinda but have lost in some countries) by having Accept All buttons but uncheck to not subscribe is a clear no no.
Unless you can prove the person made an active choice to opt in to your processing of their data for each purpose you can not use said data.


Its just so slimy. The instinct when you read “Don’t want to hear about special offers…” is to leave the box ticked (its ticked by default) because its true that I don’t want to hear about special offers. I think its even worse than an untick to unsubscribe button. Its purposefully and blatantly confusing and misleading. It asks a direct yes/no question, but then instructs you to provide the opposite answer in the box.

Last of Us show is great though, looking forward to the next episode :slight_smile: