E3 2018.... What are you hoping for?

(Simon B) #1

For all the gamers out here, we’re less than 2 weeks away from E3 2018!

What are you hoping to see?

For me… the main thing I can’t wait for is to see in-game footage of The Last of Us Part II :grinning:

(Simon B) #2

Also, this limited edition PS4 is insanely cool.

(Leon) #3

How much does it cost? I want one.


What’s E3?


Bethesda have teased something Fallout related so I can’t wait to find out what it is! Fallout 5? A remastered Fallout 3?

(Kieran McCann ) #6

I fell bad for not having played The Last of Us already as I’ve heard really good things about It. I just can justify a PS4 purchase for that one game.

(Thomas Withers) #7

ES6 Would be amazing from Bethesda Game Studios… Doubtful but it would be an amazing E3 surprise

(Thomas Withers) #8

Electronic Entertainment Expo, Loads of press releases for games and stuff


It is so worth it, and with TLoU 2 coming it makes it even more worthwhile. Best game I have ever played.

(Jack) #10

The last of us is high up in my list!


I’m quite excited for more Spiderman on PS4 footage. Some gameplay from the Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding would be exciting.

(Jorge) #12

A new Elder Scrolls :frowning_face:


I think that’s still a bit of a longer wait. Or at least I hope so. Knowing Bethesda it’ll still be using Skyrims engine though. :roll_eyes:

(Ian Lyon) #14

The Last of Us is literally all I care about. I’m hoping we get an announcement for release this October/November :crossed_fingers:


Oh and some Final Fantasy VII remake footage would restore my faith in humanity.

(Adam Kendrew) #16

I never finished The Last of Us, more due to losing all my saved data on my PS4 and not wanting to start from the beginning. Is it worth taking another look?

(Simon B) #17

100% yes. It is one of the greatest gaming experiences ever. The ending is incredibly powerful.

(Mark Woosey) #18

More Smash Bros info. Ideally some sort of demo (unlikely though)


Yes! The Last of Us is still my favourite PS4 game. Great game.

On topic, Fallout 76 has been teased today by Bethesda for a E3 announcement.


It is totally worth another look, and go from the beginning!!