Summer Game Fest

This took place last night and looks like most of it landed well. Did anyone else catch some of the footage from the live show?

One of the big hitters for me was the Elden Ring gameplay because I can’t wait to torture myself with another FromSoftware game. I feel like I’ve been waiting on it forever, although lockdown may have been a factor.

There was also gameplay footage uploaded for a game called Escape From Tarkov showing a new map etc which looks very slick. Think CoD but more stressful.

That’s rather off-putting, given that trying to complete Call of Duty 2 gave me PTSD-like stress nightmares :grimacing:

Didn’t catch live but caught up on trailers and news after.

Pretty excited for:

Am a huge Borderlands fan and can’t wait to get into Borderlands 3 this Summer/Autumn once I’m done with my part-time uni course which has been ruining my life (stopping me playing games) for the past two years.

Planet of Lana just looks beautiful/intriguing.

Had Two Point Hospital on my list for ages, so at this rate will probably just try out Two Point Campus!