E3 2019 Info!

So, who’s looking forward to E3? And what specifically are you looking forward to?

Some of the hot rumors…

Nintendo are going to show off Pokemon Sword and Shield, Zelda: Link’s Awakening Remake and Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Square Enix will be showing off Final Fantasy 7 Remake amongst others.

Ubisoft have a new Watch Dogs game (Legion) and a rollerblading game of some kind.

Microsoft have new Halo and Gears games to show off.

And although Sony aren’t attending, they are expected to share more details around the PS5 this week.


I’m excited by Microsoft’s conference. They are going to share more details around Xbox Game Pass for PC, their streaming service (xCloud) and I’m also expecting something to do with their next gen plans (although not expecting specs). I’m also excited to see Halo and Gears gameplay and I’m expecting at least 1 new IP.

I’m hyped lol

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A Nintendo direct was done yesterday for these

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Seeing as P5S was NOT a Persona 5 Switch Port, I’m still licking my wounds over that one.

Something I am anticipating is more information (possible release date) of CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077 - as I truly believe that they are the best game developers out there right now.

Pretty much just Cyberpunk 2077. Everything else is window-dressing.


Cyberpunk 2077 looks amazing. So excited for new Flight Simulator and coming to Xbox for the first time. This Xbox briefing has been incredible so far!


It was a pretty good showing from them actually. Have taken up the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer for a quid. Game Pass & Xbox Live for console and PC for £11 seems like a pretty good deal.

Watch Dogs Legion wins E3 hands-down for me. Nothing can get better than Ubisoft’s presentation of WDL.

Gotta be Keanu Reeves with Cyberpunk 2077 - exciting that we now have a release date!

FFVII remake looks fantastic although not sold on the episodic nature of the releases.


At least it isn’t being made by Valve. There’d only be two episodes, the third would never arrive…

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This is very true, wait hang on a minute…

…*goes into an hour long conspiracy video about how this means Half Life 3 is confirmed…

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I have long, long, long, long, long given up on ever having an official answer as to who the bloody hell GMan is. Half-Life was my childhood, alongside Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital. :sob:

There was a time not so long ago when there was a glimmer of hope. Portal 2, the references to Aperture Science and the Borealis making an appearance. Then, nothing.

Oh my God, I was so excited, but… it’s petered out since. Every year of nothing has slowly worn away at my excitement and hope.
One day, maybe one day… there’ll be something, and all that worn-away hope will regenerate suddenly. One can only imagine.