The Good Place (Netflix)

(Simon B) #21

E4… you mean the place where Jameela Jamil used to have a show?

Coincidence? :joy:

She is awesome though - so glad to see her doing well. Before this show, I only knew her as a presenter/DJ! Didn’t know she was an actress too.


Talented, funny, and so nice to look at, what? :two_hearts:

(sorry to objectify you Jameela)


It’s one of those really hard to explain shows but you know who you would recommend to watch it.


For those that where fans Michael Schur was Dwights Cousin Mose in The Office (the American office)

(A/S/L?) #25

I watched the first series and thought it was funny and quirky at the same time. Jameela is great :+1:

(Mark Woosey) #26

Wait is Season 3 over? I assumed it was a mid-season hiatus thing as is not uncommon in the US.

I can’t wait for Season 4 after where they left it with the return to the afterlife!


It just took a break for Thanksgiving. There’s a new episode airing in the US tonight, so we’ll be getting it on Netflix UK tomorrow.

(Harry) #28

Recently started watching this and got hooked! It’s such a good concept for a show and the twists are my favourite, I had to admit that I wondered where they were going to go after season 1 but they’ve done it wonderfully.

(Richard) #29

My wife and I just started watching this just before Christmas. Now onto Season 3.

Love it. Such a unique show

(Simon B) #30

Soooo… one of my good friends is the showrunner/exec producer of one of the late night talk shows in the US. Last night, their guest was the actor who plays Chidi!

3 days til the new episode :grinning: