The Colour of the Debit Card


I suppose it would depend. I got the sense that it’s probably a yes unless there was a good reason not to - but Monzo probably don’t have that list of reasons written down, relying on judging each case by its merits… :man_shrugging:

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Monzo have definitely missed a trick on making joint account cards identical (bar “joint account”) to individual ones. There were tonnes of creative ideas for joint account cards. They’ve made the wrong call on this one. Got our joint cards this week - so that’s 4 identical cards now kicking about our house. The joint ones went straight in the drawer. Where they will stay.


You use your name.

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It could be an idea to have a poll on which colour everyone would want ?

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Most people on here want hot coral. Sigh


I would assume Monzo used the name they have on file for the account instead of the name printed on the card.

In any case I also have successful experiences where I used completely random or stupid names (even “F*** you”) and the transaction still authorised so I’m not sure Monzo even check names at all.


I don’t mind people searching me online. I do mind people both selling me something in real life and then searching me online, possibly linking what I look like (and whatever they think of me) with my online persona. Basically I don’t want shady off-license merchants to be able to easily look me up because it’s none of their business.

If they have a legitimate reason to know my name they are more than welcome to ask me directly and I’ll happily give it to them. :+1:t2:

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Honest question, do you think this is likely, or are you not comfortable with even a 0.01% risk? I ask because I’m pretty suspicious of Google, Facebook, etc and their collection of data, but I’d be pretty surprised if someone at the corner shop cared enough to find my name on a card slip and then searched for me online. What would be the point for them? I ask as it’s not something I’ve even considered before.


Well, I definitely don’t care about most merchants looking me up because 99,9% wouldn’t care nor wouldn’t do anything nefarious. But if I could remove the 0,01% risk without any inconvenience to myself, I might as well do it, right?

Now I don’t mean to start a debate about this (not that there is any debate to be had - Monzo offers you to have nameless cards if you want to and it’s fine if it stays that way) and frankly I doubt I have a major reason to protect this aspect of my privacy but I could definitely see this being useful - I remember someone here mentioning a woman who got hit up by someone who processed her card at a point of sale and later on found her on Facebook - while I doubt this will ever happen to me (I’m not especially good-looking or anything) I’d rather still eliminate the possibility of this happening at all.


But with a nameless bank card how will Royal Mail confirm your identity to pick up a parcel?! :wink:


Very good question. I’d have to use an ID… but I think the last time I had to pick up a parcel was like a year ago so no big loss! :joy:

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Easy as the letter of itself would have his name on it but the card inside would be nameless. In saying that the Royal Mail employees can Google the name on the package, where will it end? :roll_eyes::thinking::grin:

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I reckon having the ability to choose what card you want is the way forward. I like the hot coral, but it p**** me off when someone has a glimpse of Mt card, having to constantly say ‘yes, it’s a fully fledged bank. No its not a charge card. Yes, really I can get my wages’ in there’, in fact I get all my banking done ‘in there’, fintech is not a fad… Oh F*** off!’
Now Revolut :face_vomiting: have different cards that you can buy as a one off payment. Tied in to different accounts they have, I believe.
Maybe leave the hot coral for those who want it, but create the same style card (love the simplicity of it!) in 3 or 4 different colours. The vertical card is a desperate gimmick to try and prove how special said card issuing bank is. Naked people in their adverts and all.
Same card, just a range of colours. Perhaps within the same palette. @monzo

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Monzo is known for its bright orange cards. I was thinking the Monzo logo is Orange, Yellow, Blue and Green. Why not make these brightly coloured cards also. A couple of ideas are: Pick a Colour card you wish from the 4 when you either order a new card or sign up. Different Accounts with different colours ( shared ect). Anybody else see this as a big update to the cards Monzo should make. Operations seem to love the idea. Lets try get this to happen and be able to have all 4 colour cards available!


Hi @steparkin2010 I’ve popped your post in to this thread. As you can see substantial chat about card colours and options. No progress as yet as Monzo focus on building the apps and customer base but they are listening to the demand on this.

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Already suggested :wink:

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Sure was! Way back in Jul ‘17


Definitely need other colours to choose from. At least the colours in the logo.

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I had another “you won’t lose that card will you?” comment today. To be honest, I would love a “dark mode” card perhaps more in keeping with the dark blue of Monzo’s website. However, I think it’s distinctive enough that it’s good marketing for the bank so I’m really not sure we’ll see Monzo move on this…