The Apprentice

Eeeee total cringe fest is back!

I love this show really


I remember watching the US Apprentice shows in the early 00’s, with DonaldT hosting, and thinking - where is he going with this?

Never expected that outcome… @POTUS ??? - OMG

It did give us the amazing ‘Covfefe…’ tweet though - a modern cultural classic


Why is that logo green and brown? At least make it blue :sweat_smile:


That’s what 99% of other people watching this probably said :joy::poop::ocean:


It sounded good when they first explained the idea so I can see how they talked themselves into it. But once it was drawn? Eww


The right person went home.

The annoying thing about this show is people always point out the problems but never bring the solutions.

And that really gets on my turdwaves


It was begging to be blue and then mirrored so it formed a ‘c’ shape for the first letter of ‘cruise’


The concept wasn’t terrible. Make it blue, give it some shading / texture, put the name on it, might be alright.

but… green and brown gradient! wot.


This has piqued my interest


He talked himself into the chop. If he’d just shut up it would have been the other guy on the sub team in the final 3.


I’d have gone Akshay, I thought he was rude, but I guess that’s the nature of the show too

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Not sure what was worse. The men’s turd vomit logo, or the women thinking bougie is something to aspire to.

Also, everyone realises that the crew shooting the green screen ads would’ve:

  1. Known straight away that there was a problem with that one girl’s dress
  2. Been told by the producers to keep it zipped and let f**k up

I think if Harry had kept his mouth shut in the boardroom, the bloke who made the advert would’ve gone. You don’t have to watch too many years of the show to realise that Sugar often fires the person who annoys him the most rather than the one who did the worst job - so don’t annoy him!


Could’ve been either of them to be fair.

He did take on board the feedback about the others not getting a word in edgeways.

One thing that really grinds my gears is people talking over each other :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Cannot stand it. They do it in meetings at work and I’m like guys, please, one at a time.

Like a bag of feral cats.

Again :man_shrugging:


Edit: Ok I changed it.

Yeah they escaped with that one. They know it’s an insult right?!

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Boujee is a bar/club/diva/bright pink/dire looking/desperate entry to the night scene by one of the housewife’s of Cheshire :expressionless:

This is the one in Chester


Completely ruins the look of Opera Bar & Grill :face_vomiting:

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I’d wager someone had heard the Migos song and thought that sounded fun and aspirational, and the reason why no-one could explain it is because there’s no way to do so without saying “we’re trying to co-opt black culture without understanding it.”

To avoid being completely critical about everyone, I will say that the logo the women did actually wasn’t that bad. Not exactly good either, but I’ve seen genuine cruise logos that look similar, so they got something right there.


Get the flex out hun we off on a Bouji cruise xoxo

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Does anyone have any knowledge of when this is all filmed?

They were outside on the boat in Portsmouth, clearly summer time. Yet when he got the boot he left in a scarf!

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