The Apprentice

I don’t know of the changes for this year regarding covid, but in previous series they have all exited the building in a scarf and big coat to cover up what they are wearing - as those segments (for everyone) are all filmed before any tasks have been filmed.


Ahh I never thought of it like that!

I love the cringe fest that is The Apprentice but the show doesn’t have much reality to it.

It’s a group of hyped up egotistical people (often) who are all trying to be leaders. A group of leaders goes nowhere. You need to allow yourself to be led too.

I also feel Sugar is unreasonable at times. He expects teams to work together but criticises people who don’t speak up a lot. Would he personally allow someone below him (as a “leader”) to constantly be telling him his ideas are crap? I think not.

Also also: you don’t develop a brand and logo and advert separately. That doesn’t happen. You don’t do focus groups on your absolutely finished product. Otherwise it’s pointless. No wonder the end products are utter turds.

Also also also: adverts are always crap because in reality a company isn’t going to use their own staff and something like the green screen issue would be pointed out by crew. A business leader shouldn’t need to know how to shoot an advert; just the concept side.

Rant over :laughing:


Ah it’s the time of year when a group of :bell::end: parade their egos for TV.

I’ll be watching best to see what creatures they’ve managed to pull from the depths below. I can’t see this format lasting many more years now, it’s outdated and been done to death.

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Ah I just love this stupidity factor of it all. As with other comments, the ego of some of these people is unreal.

The first two leaders were a no. Especially the women, zero interest in anyone else’s thoughts and wasn’t open to any other input than her own.

What even is a bouji :joy:


I saw a mini advert for this yesterday on tiktok, the guy was clearly an absolute fool. Cringe worthy. I’ll have to see if it comes back up on my timeline, just so I can post it. 🤦

I had tiktok all for 3 minutes when it came out, never again :joy:


The format has been flawed since the advent of the contestants handing in their business plans at the beginning. Alan Sugar knows at the outset who he wants to work with, and who is going nowhere.

But it’s fun to watch for the edited foolishness and lack of common sense sometimes. Like Drag Race, I’ll watch the series but I never bother with the finale because I’m not actually bothered who comes out triumphant.


Ah, I only got to drag race few years when I met OH.

Shangela as Jennifer Lewis got me there :joy:

But yes, it’s all ridiculous yet entertaining.


oh yeah, they definitely start with one person and then they try to keep it so that person comes off well in the series and isn’t damaged reputationaly by the show. Then they have 9 others to go full ham on!

The tasks are silly, mainly designed to create some great ‘wtf did they just do’ moments.

I think the appeal is really just to watch a load of upstart, overly confident ‘I’m a businessperson’ type people get utterly humiliated. At least that’s what I watch it for.


Shangela is the Queen we never had. I have never got over that.



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Can’t get worse than the gift they gave the world in the form of Katie Hopkins.


Every year I watch it and every year I think of this…


That’s brilliant

Regarding the terrible cruise ship logo, I get that the graphic designers are probably told just to do exactly what they’re asked to do, but in this case I think they are most to blame for how terrible it looks…

  • The hand is a left-hand when it should be a right-hand and its comically large
  • The distance between the hips and the shoulders is too short
  • The legs are anatomical correct thickness while the arm is not
  • The arm is too thin and way too short, his hands would barely reach his pockets.
  • Typically in up dog yoga pose, the tops of the feet are flat on the ground rather than up on their toes.

Granted I used stock assets, but it didn’t take me long (5 minutes tops) to achieve something that would mostly fit what we heard the team request from the designer…

Even if the team then insisted on using the terrible brown to green colours, the designer should have been able to make it work:


Regarding the lack of name, I can only assume that is the fault (perhaps intentionally) of the producers. When the team go and see the designer, they must be told what they’re supposed to be asking the designer to do.


Obviously intentionally aha. Why else would there be a staged phone call where the other team suddenly thinks to ask ‘is the name on it?’.

It’s all staged really.


Maybe I’m misremembering, but from memory I think the sense that its staged reduces as the series goes on. Which would make sense, as they probably have to carefully curate the situations when there are so many contestants to make sure there is a coherent and interesting narrative to the episode (especially the first episode - to get people hooked in).

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That middle one is how I believe they were wanting it to look.

I actually thought their concept was a good one. I understood it; it matched the idea of a “mindfulness retreat”. I would have made it blue, personally, but it wasn’t as terrible as it was made out to be.


The concept is fine! The major issues are definitely the anatomy and the colours, and the faults with the anatomy are definitely down to the graphic designer.