Virtual Card features

I had previously suggested a few features I think Virtual cards really needed, the topic seems to have gone the way of the dodo so I’m re-engaging using a new thread.

  1. Please can we have the ability to search/filter transactions by specific virtual card?
    I again have gone through a situation where that would have been extremely useful in trying to find out which vendors I’ve used my card with so I can try and narrow down where my details may have been leaked from.

  2. Please can we have the ability to re-view some or all of deleted virtual card details?
    I deleted a virtual card owing to a suspicious transaction, but now cannot retrieve the card number to give to the merchant to investigate and as Monzo don’t class merchant-stored card details as fraudulent whether I made the transaction or someone else made the transaction with the same merchant, I’ve lost that money.

  3. Can Monzo adopt a max overall/max per transaction spend limit on virtual cards? I’d like to set a limit on how much a reoccurring payment is allowed to be and expire a card once a set amount has been spent to aid sticking to budgets and to stop over spend on services that vary (I have azure hosting services that this would be incredibly useful for).

  4. Within an existing virtual card, I’d like to know how much has been spent so far, and in addition to the above point, how much is left before I need to reset it or the card expires.

It’s here


You can effectively achieve 3 and 4 simply by using a pot to fund the virtual card, and manage the account of money in the pot.