More virtual cards!!!

Thanks for the great service so far! Really happy with the support and flexibility I get with monzo.

The only suggestion I have would be to have the ability to have more virtual cards. We all use a lot of services and I understand there has to be a limit otherwise you would be making 1000’s of new cards a day and would need to keep track of them somehow.

My suggestion would be to increase the limit or maybe just increase the limit for the Monzo Premium Customers? I’m a plus customer and the only reason I upgraded was for the use of the virtual cards & paying direct from pots, I wasn’t aware there would be a limit but understand why there is. Is it possible to increase them? Or even a small charge per extra card?

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This has been mentioned a lot in various topics, hopefully it’s comes to fruition at some point.


How many can you have? Still not convinced by Plus but…

I think, up to 5 active virtual ones same time :nerd_face:


More, more, more!
I will pay for each card more if I have to

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