TfL's Online Payment Provider Rejects Monzo

(Moataz Elmasry) #1


Trying to buy my monthly travelcard on TFL’s website but after I fill in my address and card details I receive an active card check from TFL but the payment gets declined.

I tried the card on giffgaff just a few minutes before and it worked perfectly.

Has anyone done this before? Has anyone had any issues with that specific payment provider?


Is your card:

  1. Monzo Prepaid Debit
  2. Monzo CA Preview 1st Gen Debit card
  3. Monzo CA Preview 2nd Gen Debit card

(Shaun McDonald) #3

If this is prepaid, I wonder if it’s the same issue as PayPal, where your address is stored in the wrong format in the intermediate processor? Contact in-app support and they’ll be able to fix it.

(Moataz Elmasry) #4

This is a monzo prepaid mastercard and I just got it recently, 3 weeks ago.

(Shaun McDonald) #5

Have you tried contacting the in app chat support. They should be able to fix the issue for you, as it’s likely an account setup bug, or at least be able to provide more info about why it was declined.

(Hugh) #6

This is usually an issue with your address.

I suggest contacting in-app support as they’ll be able to give you more information on your specific case.