TfL Transaction Date vs Actual spend date

As you are aware, TfL waits until the next day to inform you of your total spend for the previous day. Monzo receives this transaction on the “next day” and allocates it to that same “next day” date. However the transaction shows a comment which indicates the day of travel for which that transaction is associated. My question – Does it not make more sense to allocate this transaction to the previous days date, i.e. the date mentioned in the transaction comment? This way you are linking behaviour and spend for a particular date and not distorting the “spent today” KPI.

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I have found it can often be 2 or 3 days rather than 1

Yup, in the worst case, travel on a Friday may not be charged until Tuesday.

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that was the example that came to my mind :joy:

I tend to agree. I track my spending that way anyway. I guess the only issue would be highlighting the new transaction to the customer since it wouldn’t necessarily be at the top of the page.

I assume users would still receive a notification for the transaction which should help solve that issue, do you think that would be enough?

I’d like to see my transactions listed based on the date when they were authorized, rather than settled, too. But I expect the user would need to be able to see both dates so that they can make sense of their account balance at any given time, perhaps something like this -

It’s also worth noting that this might make maintaining a running balance quite a lot more difficult / confusing :grimacing:

Agreed, I’d rather see the debit applied to the actual date traveled not Monday show on a Tuesday and so on.

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To be clear.I believe it is due to the TfL transaction process that we get the delayed processing (be it 1 day or 3) of the final amount.

I’m just asking that the date be registered on the day of the travel taking place. Not the subsequent day of transaction processing.

As per other comments. I do believe a notification is required. I don’t think it is an issue that the transaction isn’t at the top of the page. People would catch one fairly quickly.

With regard to a “running balance”. I believe the calculation of the current balance of your account should remain the same and only be impacted by the final transaction (when TfL decide to process it).

Ideally all of this would happen real time (logging of transaction and balance change) however TfL is actually trying to render the traveller a service and only charge them up to the maximum amount for the travel day.

Just to clarify, I was referring to the running balance feature that’s been requested. It would display the user’s balance after each transaction, in each transaction’s record. There’s more details on that feature in the link that I posted in my earlier comment.

Ah ok! Understood. Yes, I can see how that might be tricky.


It seems that this may now have been changed? My TfL active card check of £0.10 from Friday when I tapped in changed today to the journey charge of £2.40 and appears as if it were spent on the Friday.

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Thanks for sharing this, in my experience the active card checks are pretty rare though so in most cases, I still receive a separate transaction entry for my day’s travel.

No problem, maybe it’s because I haven’t travelled on TfL using my :monzo: card all that much so maybe active card checks are more likely? Does your separate transaction entry appear at the later date?

Interestingly, the dip in the pulse chart at the top of the app appears today, even though the transaction appears on the 7th, so I wonder if perhaps what I’m seeing is a bug/a test Monzo are running that hasn’t quite been worked out yet

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Yes it does.

Thanks for sharing those details & pointing out the bug :slight_smile:

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hopefully some day we can toggle the pulse chart on or Off :pray:

Not sure if I’m being an idiot, but my TFL transactions are still under the day they get charged and not the actual used date. Is this something I’m doing wrong?

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I don’t think so. From what @alexs has said, he still sees the transactions on the day that they are charged, not the day of travel, so you’re not alone.

I think maybe it depends on if there’s an active card check taken on the day and whether or not this is refunded? - I saw an active card check feed item that wasn’t refunded, and this transaction was the one that changed into the travel charge - so I assume in this instance TfL didn’t collect the £0.10 and instead only the travel charge, hence no refund was need, so the feed item could magically change into my travel charge for the day, and no additional feed item was required.

However, I don’t know this for sure, just speculation based upon what seems to make sense! I’ve only used my Monzo card for TfL twice, and the first time the charges appeared as feed items days later, only on this second time did it appear in the feed item from the day of travel, so my sample size isn’t large, perhaps it was just a one off!

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Don’t want to seem like I’m solutioneering, but considering TFL transactions are already handled slightly differently to others, and it’s known exactly what format the transaction descriptions are, would it be possible to parse the description and move it to the correct date?
To avoid people editing this description and the transaction going to whatever date, an isEdited flag could be placed?