Request to display TfL payments on day used


When using Monzo for Transport for London travel, the payment recognises which day it took place but its charged the following working day.

I understand this is the way TfL works, however, since Monzo recognises which day the card was used for that payment, I would find it very useful to have the option to archive that payment on the day the card was actually used rather than the day the payment was processed. It would be much easier for when looking back to find how much was spent on a specific day. Hope this makes sense.



Support. This is why I still use my oyster card.


I find that if TfL does a 10p Card check on the day of use then that’s updated to reflect the full value of the daily spend yet when travelling without that check the value then gets shown on the day they take the money.

I’m torn on this one since it’s a choice between an absolutely accurate record of what happened in my bank account and a somewhat idealised version based on travel date that doesn’t really reflect the flow of money.

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You’re going to run into complications if there’s a significant delay in processing, which leads to an overdraft being used. Not sure people would accept the charges being backdated.

The fact is, if money is debited on a certain day, it should show on that day.

Add a note showing the day of travel instead.


Which is potentially where updating the 10p card check transaction (as they do) becomes a real issue.

Amex seems to do this, I find it helps when reconciling my spend each month


Which is why I still use Amex:grin:


I usually get a 10p card check which later gets changed to the full amount spent the next day, so the date is on the date of travel for my list of transactions. Does this not happen for you?

10p charge thing only happens when you’re not travelling regularly or use card after more than week apart.


Hi! As Sufi says, if you use the card regularly you don’t get a 10p charge, only the amount used for a full day, charged the day it’s processed, which is usually the next working day.

Is this really that different to the issue with authorisation / presentment, though? :thinking:

Yes because you see the authorisation at the top of the feed. If a feed item was retrospectively added days after the TFL transaction was made, you might not see it at all.

And some users switch the transaction notifications off.

I think there’s a good chance that adding this inconsistency to the way that transactions are handled would confuse users too.

It looks like Monzo’s solution to this is to automatically add a note to the transaction with the date of the travel, whenever possible.

The fact that they can’t do that consistently suggests that they might not even have access to the data that they’d need in order to set the transaction date to the date of the travel every time - even if they wanted to.

That makes sense, I don’t live in London so this usually an issue for me- I’m only there for a couple of days

I understand that if this is applied automatically it would confuse users or the transaction could be missed. By default it should work as it does now.

For me, ideally there should be an option to set TfL charges to auto archive on the date the card was used after the notification is read. Or at least to manually move it. In my case it recognises 100% of the time (and adds the corresponding note to the transaction) which date the card was used for travel.

It’s not a big issue. Just when tracking expenses, for people who set themselves a daily budget, it’s more difficult to quickly visualise, let’s say for example a working week Mon-Fri. Or weekend expenditure as transport is charged altogether on a Monday.

For instance, to calculate what I spent on a Monday I have to substract the travel from Saturday and Sunday (charged and displayed as a Monday transaction) and add the travel charged and displayed on Tuesday (which corresponds to Monday).

I can see where you’re coming from there. Perhaps Monzo can come up with a better solution if they manage to integrate data from TFL directly into the app.

I can see this causing a lot of confusion to be honest, both for users & the support team. But the team might feel differently :slight_smile:

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