Transaction Process Feed

(Alex Sherwood) #1

@ninepine’s request that the new TFL notes “Travel charge for day & date” are stored somewhere more permanent, reminded me of a feature that’s been suggested in the developer’s Slack team. I thought I’d post it here too, in case any of the users in this community want to add their thoughts / feedback.

I’d like to be able to see the various steps of the payment process, as they’re completed, as a feed on each transaction page. To be clear, I’m not talking about this part of the process from the 3 second sandwich -

I’m talking about the steps that take place after Monzo has authorised the transaction. Daniel shared an example of just how many there can be for a single transaction (& this isn’t a complete list) -

  • Preauthorisation for £10
  • Incrememental preauth for £5 (increases the authed amount, but isn’t a separate transaction)
  • Auth reversal for £5
  • Presentment for £8 (transaction is settled)

If the amount that I think I’ve paid for a transaction is increased by an incremental preauth, for example, I’d like the transaction amount (& my balance) to be updated, to reflect the higher amount that’s now due to be taken so that I’m not caught out when the payment settles.
But obviously it would look pretty strange if the amount suddenly changed, without me being able to see why so to save me contacting the customer support team, I’d need to be able to see the feed of these steps, that I’m requesting.

Something strange like that probably happens relatively infrequently but this would cover users when it does.

The history for TFL transactions could simply include the day when the charges were incurred. The more advanced integration, displaying users travel history could be a bolt on or a separate feature…

To be clear, I’d like the feed to fall under the single transaction record until the transaction settles. Refunds, which could be credited at a much later date, should still have their own transaction record so that users get a notification and can easily see when they were received & their balance was updated as a result.

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