TfL Refund Claim Integration

(Andrew Downing) #1

This may be a complete shot in the dark as to how doable this is… but I think there is already an app on the app store that pulls your TFL journey history including tap in, tap out / journey time? The app then alerts you if your journey was over the expected journey time and you can instantly complete a delay repayment form there and then.

Could this somehow be integrated for TFL journeys with Mondo?

(Josh Bray) #2

I’m not sure about the specifics, but this sounds like tfl need to use the mondo API to build something. But it’s unlikely to happen

(Andrew Downing) #3

Oyster Balance & Refund by Cloudli Limited

This is the app that has similar functionality. I think it would take integration the other way round? I assume TFL makes a lot of their live travel information public (for the like of city mapper?) and allows apps to integrate with journey history? Would probably be a big job for the benefit of a small feature however…

Even if it was kept simple with a notification a day later once the journey has registered and charged directing to a TFL web form to claim the refund?

Just an idea.

(Rika Raybould) #4

This does sound like a perfect candidate for a 3rd party integration via. the API. Though, I’m not sure there’s much to integrate on the Mondo side except maybe making a prompt appear in the feed/on the transaction as all the data would come from TfL.