TfL Refund in CA and with Android Pay

I use Android Pay for all my commute in London. TFL applies an automatic cap for daily and weekly journeys depending on zones etc…
Last week I started with Monzo Android Pay but then for one journey touched the wrong card. I had been showing someone card features in Monzo app and had disabled the card so Android Pay had changed my default card. Anyway, I was charged £19 on Monzo and £7.80 on my other card. Got in touch with TFL and they added the missing touch-in on Monzo and told me there will be automatic refund back to the card and the daily cap also be applied automatically. It indeed happened as they said but in a little different manner - Android Pay shows a refund transaction of £19 but there is no correct charge transaction there. I was charged £11.20. I am sure this is how TFL/Android Pay integration works but I thought it was bit weird. :man_shrugging:


For the 2nd card they asked me Sort code and Account number for a manual refund, I gave my Monzo details again refund was processed in 3 days but it’s like this;


I know again this TFL’s 3rd party processing so details look weird but maybe Monzo could make them look bit better on the feed and integrate these with TFL history… :thinking:

I think Transport Trading is used for tickets and souvenier sales at the Transport Museum in London so any automatic merger of details with TfL would be wrong

Oh, I didn’t know that but I think there could still be a way for Monzo to try to get more information about these sort of transactions so we could have cleaner feed and history. Or maybe there isn’t?

I would have hoped the 4 digit code for the type of expense would differ i.e. be different for travel v the shop, however if they just use one of their office terminals for both uses there would be no way to tell automatically

I don’t believe TFL use a 3rd party for contactless this seems likes more of a specific workaround for your issue.

No, not really, If you need a refund which can’t be sent back to your card this how they process.

For example, this is how they refunded the balance and deposit on my old defunct Oyster card to my HSBC current account - it showed up on the statement as “TRANSPORT TRADING”.