TFL Receipts Importer

I’ve created an python program to import data from TFL into Monzo Receipts.

At the moment, it only works with CSV data downloaded from though it could be extended to work with their API in the future.


What do I do fro here

“Once you have registered your API client, you will have received a Client ID and a Client Secret. The next step is to clone this repository:”

And what client?

“Now we need to configure the client:”

Great stuff Carl! :raised_hands:


Once you have created an oauth client in
(make sure the redirect uri is set to ‘’, took me a while to get that bit right!)

Then download the files from github, make a copy of ‘’ called ‘’. Open this file and put in the credentials from your oauth client (client id and client secret).

After this you need to get copies of your journey history from the tfl website, which means creating an account here:


Thanks but I got lost at the python part now.

Think I’m gonna leave it, too hard tbh.


Worked really well!
Nice work :slight_smile:


This is really nice.

Hopefully Monzo can directly integrate with TfL to provide this for everyone. It could be really useful to spot of you didn’t tap out for some reason.

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