How to connect Monzo to TfL Account?

I tap on a TFL transaction, at the bottom it says ‘connect to TFL’, I tap on it and I’m redirected to TFL website. After I login with my TFL account, all I can see is my TFL account stuff and that’s the end! there’s no ‘authorize Monzo’ or anything like that. I close the browser and open Monzo again, and TFL account is not connected.

Please help


Maybe we’ve been a bit over-promising about what “connect to TfL” means :sweat:

All you can do is to visit the TfL website and check all your trips… not directly from the Monzo app (yet).

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It’s still very early. As @hugo said it’s not really integrated yet, but keep an eye on the app and that might change :wink:

ah ok. thanks guys.

I thought ‘connect to TFL’ meant that I could see information about trips and their associated costs in Monzo. If TFL provides these information via an API then it would be amazing to have them in Monzo :slight_smile:

This might happen in the future. Only @hugo and the rest of the Monzo team know

A developer could potentially build some of this functionality too, once :mondo:'s API has been opened up…