TfL info improvements with check in/out locations and times

Downloading CSVs of travel from the TFL website ( as shown below:

This is then integrated with the receipt API, as shown in

The code can be found in Developers group:

In future
Integrate directly with TFL API. They detailed this in their blog post (
I don’t currently have time to work this out, but it seems like @gary has done this previously.

When finished, it should be a fairly clean setup process - authenticate with :monzo: then authenticate with TFL. The rest should happen in the background.
Ideally - this could provide the information in real time using the TFL API.

In future future
(With user permission), :monzo: could share card details directly with TFL (as is already needed when signing up for This skips all the hassle and would let the user integrate the two directly in app.

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