TfL not rounding up

Hi there!

Does anyone else have problems with TfL roundups? I googled and found a previous thread where someone said that TfL didn’t round up for him, and Monzo replied saying it should.

TfL has never rounded up for me, and I find this really frustrating!

Can anyone shed any light? Does it work for anyone out there?



How much is the transaction for?

Various amounts: £10.70, £5:60 etc…it’s never worked for me :disappointed: Does it work for you?

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Is it because the amount changes?

My last one did, but the two before this didn’t.

I wondered if it’s because the amount changes. It’s never worked for me!

Roundups only happen on initial presentation. If you travel infrequently enough that you always a 10p initial charge that changes later, the roundup will never happen.


Thank you! I feel like this is the answer but I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean…what does initial presentation mean? Really grateful for your help as I sense this might be the answer but I just need a little more clarification of what you mean!

When you tap, it charges you 10p, because it doesn’t know where you’re going. Then when you tap out, it knows where you are and corrects the 10p to the correct fare.

Round ups only work on that first tap and over £1

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Ah I see, thank you. Wouldn’t that mean it would never work?

For me tfl buses never charge me 10p. Use to when I first started using my card. Now it just charges me the next day… Never charges me 10p when I get on the bus or that day at all

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If you use TfL infrequently, it will never work. But if you’re a regular user, at some point they will stop doing the 10p authorisation and charge you the next day instead. When that happens, roundups will work.


Exactly that.

What I meant earlier is that roundups work on the first value associated with the transaction. So, if you get a 10p that then changes to £3.00 there will be no roundup because 10p is below the minimum roundup transaction value of £1.00.

If it did round the 10p to £1.00 and then changed to a £3.00 charge, the roundup wouldn’t change so you’d end up paying £.3.90.

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Thank you! I use it once or twice a week…I guess I’ll have to see!

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