My round ups isn’t working

Have had 7 purchases recently and got 2x turned on for round ups but none of them got rounded up?

Under £1? In your overdraft?

Nono I don’t have overdraft enabled and I’m not inside it for example my cousin spent 99p on iTunes which should of put 1p into the pot but as I got it on x2 it should of been 2p
Then Uber took out a few payments over the past few days and non of them got rounded up even though it’s enabled

If you’d typed “my round up isn’t working” into the in app help you’d have learned that they only work on transactions over £1.

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Don’t Uber charge you the max and then adjust it?

… which makes the “Advanced roundups” blurb slightly confusing:

How about that.

It’s always done it in the past though even on a 20p purchase

Not anymore they did a update where the price it says is what you pay

Although it was Uber eats I was talking about, treated my parents to a takeout

It’s never done it, unless they’ve changed it. It’s always been above £1 and not in your overdraft.

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@Revels is correct. Otherwise it would round up active card checks.

I’ve not heard of this changing, but happy to be proven wrong :slight_smile: