TfL fine, after authorising payment

Just wondering if any other Monzo users have been hit with a TFL PCN for non payment of a congestion charge or toll charge despite having money authorised for payment upfront.

This article in the Guardian suggests it may not be an isolated case:

I was caught out Nov last year after seeing the authorisation for payment through Monzo app but they did not complete the settlement on their side, therefore claiming I had not paid.

Please get in touch as it might be time to take them on.

Did you manage to sort that specific instance?

How an independent appeals didn’t get upheld is beyond me.

You might want to follow the story from the link below:

South West Trains: Refund bug? - #9 by sams

(Some long-time forum members may remember the story also. Took me a little while to find as it was posted in a topic that was initially about SWT)

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I generally use my Oyster card when in London (Edit: I do not live there, so this is for my several day trips a year) as it is not registered and essentially seals it all off from my bank accounts - I put on the money as I need it and that is the end to things

That was never with such problems in mind; initially it was the only cashless option and more recently it is worries about dropping it or losing it or whatever

However this thread, and the previous one you just shared, make it look an accidentally sensible approach

The few times I have used either Monzo or Starling for TfL reveals what a massive ball of string their payment system is!

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