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Just sharing an issue today when trying to pay congestion charge - Monzo shows transaction in app however TFL have no notification on their system. Tried again by phone … Payment now showing 3 times on Monzo app (not possible to duplicate payment according to TFL) and which, having read other user experience on here (much apipreciated) will be automatically refunded in 6/7 days. Finally to ensure congestion charge is paid and avoid a penalty charge I have resorted to alternative payment card and received a TFL email receipt. Hope this is helpful to anyone with same query. That’s all really :smile:


There is a horror story somewhere on the forum of a driver who received some kind of notification within the Monzo app but was still penalty charged £120 and lost the appeal.

I’m sure someone adept at searching in here can find it quicker than I.

In short, make sure you receive a receipt or payment reference from TfL.


That reminds me of this one:

Do tfl still not accept monzo cards? @simonb or whoever: any clue?


Thanks @nanos I just found that too.

@FriendlySort Please reads @sams story regarding their TfL penalty charge. Anyone from :monzo: Monzo care to respond as this seems like it could be a nightmare perfect storm for drivers in London?


I expect so, it sounds like the issue with the handheld readers that ticket inspectors used was related to the prepaid card not liking offline transactions, which the debit cards can handle -

This is about congestion charge, though,which is slightly more weird…


Yes @sams experience was with the C Charge, but laid out in the SWT thread.


Yeah, sorry my experience was documented in a thread I hijacked (linked above).
My experience was pre-debit card, is that what you were using?

By the looks of it, you’ve potentially saved yourself an awful lot of time, stress and money and organised different payment.

Selfishly though, I’m interested in how you noticed/why you confirmed the lack of payment with TfL? I just went through the process, paid, saw the payment notification and carried on about my business. Did you go back to double check because you’re a regular user expecting a receipt number, because you had read my experience or something else?


Hi Sam it was a bit of both but started with a doubt when the first payment screen timed out which is why I checked by phone. The phone transaction is automated and twice ended with a ‘Technical error’ and reverted back to the call centre. After two failed attempted payments it clicked with me so I checked and found your post which I’m grateful for (though sorry for your experience!)

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Just out of curiosity: did you upgrade to the current account, yet, or are you still on prepaid?

It is the current account

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