TFL Transports For London payment updates

After a holiday in london I used my Monzo card with no problems on Tube and busses

But it would be great if we get an payment settled notification update just as we do with pay at pump filling stations to let us know when and how much the payment finished at.

Doesn’t it do that? I guess I can’t have tried it since that feature came in. I was assuming that would “just happen” in the same way.

No ,it just updates the next day on the back of a 10p card pre-auth
No notification when that happens. Only spotted it when I looked back on feed.


I only had the 10p on Sunday and since then it goes through as a payment the next morning

Yeah, the 10p is a “first time in a while” payment just to check card validity etc, not a daily occurrence. I normally get it every trip because I don’t travel often.

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I’m confused.

You may get a 10p pre authorisation on entry. Then at about 4am, you are charged whatever you used that day. This pops up as a separate notification.

My experience has been a 10p auth (with notification), which updates to the correct total the next day (but no notification).

Per @Feathers, sounds like this would be because I’m an irregular user.

It sounds like regular users don’t get the 10p auth every day, only the actual charge the next day, which there would be a notification for.

I’ve not known anyone get both the 10p auth notification and an actual charge notification. Monzo has never done notifications for when previously authorised amounts are changed.

They do for pay at pump now, apparently.

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That’s correct, just noticed I have no 10p charges still remaining.

It works very well as a regular user.

Ah, interesting. I’ve never used pay at pump because I always pop in to pick something else up while I’m there.

My main experience of auth and changing later is a local car park that has a check in/out card option instead of pre-paying for time.