Text message scam?

For future ref , you can use this site.

Made by a monzo employee too.

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I got this too

A small chain of inactive accounts coming back on here to post that they’ve just received this text is a bit sus tbh.

Hijacked forum accounts?

I don’t think so, they don’t seem to be doing anything other than confirming they got the SMS, maybe they got two in a row like me.

I’m guessing a lot of people got it.

Was wondering if I can get some help. I was a bit of an idiot( I don’t know why I usually am good at noticing these dodgy messages but I am new with Monzo and it appeared as if they sent the message) but ended up entering my pin. For my email and password, I luckily typed it in wrong and exited the site once I realized this could be a scam. I have activated Face ID for payments and location but was wondering if anyone can advise me on what I should do as I believe they have my pin(not sure if they can do anything with that data only).


If they haven’t got your email they can’t do anything so you’re fine

If it was only a small mistake that can then be easily guessed, like entering jumbo301@mail.x instead of jumbo302@mail.x I’d say the safest thing to do is to change your email password, set up 2-factor authentication (this should be a default for everyone anyway), and change your PIN

If it’s a completely different email address, you’re likely fine, but password change and 2FA can’t hurt

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Hey @jumbo302 sorry to hear about this!

Can you please get in touch with us through the in-app chat? We can help secure your account and replace your card with a new PIN :+1:t2:


i got a similar message last night and immediately messaged Monzo urgently with a screenshot asking if this was legit…

12 hours later and no response… really poor!

To be fair it does tell you in your screenshot that it’s likely to not be legitimate :see_no_evil: :wink:

You should have also got a message last night explaining that non-urgent messages won’t get picked up until the morning.


What do you expect them to say? You’ve alerted them to a scam. You haven’t clicked it, you haven’t compromised your account and it’s quite obviously a scam. Your phone is telling you.

Basically you’re complaining that they haven’t thanked you quick enough?

Even legitimate emails from Monzo get marked as spam! :laughing:

Sometimes iCloud doubts the integrity enough that they won’t even push it to your device’s junk folder! Instead you have to hop onto the iCloud web app within 30 days of receiving an email to check it.

Rule is thumb is, delete the message when it arrives, get back on with life.

If Monzo wanted to get hold of you, they’d soon get you into chat.

Before you do that, copy the message and send it to 7726!

I never report them, can’t be bothered, just hit delete :upside_down_face:

It’s a < 7 second task and can help stop others receiving and potentially falling victim to them!

Is it 7726? Why did they come up with this number?

7226 would make more sense as it would be SCAM

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7726 is SPAM


7 seconds of my life saved

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