Test the links in the emails

I wanted to provide feedback on what I don’t like about my current business bank account I have and why I want to use Monzo Business instead. Clicking the link in the email to take me to the monzo business forum didn’t work (got an oops that page doesn’t exist).

I got the same from the next email I got (Business Banking Monthly email).

I replied to the email, which someone responded in a day (it’s nice to have a response rather than it coming from a noreply@monzo address - so + points for that).

The person who responded asked for the link - sent it and they confirmed that it didn’t work, and sent a generic link to this community forum rather than the business banking forum - not as helpful.

Also, when the link didn’t work, I searched the forum for business banking but there wasn’t an obvious ‘this is the business banking forum’ place.

It feels like this should have been a more streamlined process with plenty of opportunity for it to be picked up and rectified earlier.

Hello Stephen,
This post is currently in the Business Banking section of the Monzo forum. If you look at the very top you will see the link near a small blue square.
The forums have recently had a restructure, I imagine this is why the direct links are broken.
Please feel free to provide Business Banking feedback in this forum :blush:


Like @robsug said the forum has had a bit of a change up a few days ago - you can read what was changed here: Forum Restructure & Feedback 🏡

But the tl;dr for Business Banking is:

So it looks like you’ve put your comment in the right place! You may also wish to put in some stuff in the “Feedback & Ideas” page, but for now due to the trial nature of Business Banking I think within the “Monzo Chat” “Business Banking” categories are the best.

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Hey Stephen,

Sorry about this. Totally my fault, as we just had a forum restructure which broke a few links. I thought I’d fixed them all but clearly I missed this one. Could you please forward the email to me? simonb@monzo.com or copy and paste the link exactly as it appears in the email and I can fix it.


Update - this is now fixed :grinning: