We just revamped our business account website! 🌍

Hey everyone, happy Tuesday! :wave:

We just updated our business account page to reflect our plans for the future :rocket:

You can see it here! Would love to hear what you think :blush:


Looking and sounding great! Now when can we get going? :partying_face:


Minor observation, from an accessibility point of view

I run the Dark Reader plug in, but a high contrast mode may have the same issue

The FSCS logo rather disappears

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There is no validation on the β€˜We’d love to hear your ideas!’ form at the bottom.

I can submit with nothing in the box and if I do put something in, there is no confirmation :slight_smile:

Other than that, I like it :slight_smile:

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The font seems to serif as well, when the main site is sans-serif



Thanks, everyone! We’re looking into these now :eyes:


Looks good.

Missing an option for the type of business though. I’m day rated IT contractor, only me. I have a business account for that purpose only.

Under " Instant bank transfers and direct debits" it says:

Make payments from your straight from your Monzo app, and easily manage direct debits.

Think it needs tweaking.

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Hey @gmclean!

That makes you a sole trader, right? Meaning you’d be able to use the account that way :blush:

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Probably not - I’m in the same position trading through a limited company; SPSC.

However, treating it like any other Limited seems to match up though. All legally and technically true.

How do I do let other people in!!

Hi @saul_gaunt - if you have a Monzo business account for a limited company, reach out to us via in-app chat and we can help you add more users :slight_smile: