Tesco pay at pump declined?


£1 is to check the card is active. This is refunded within 48 hours.

£99 is the hold amount. This corrected to what you actually spend later.

To be honest the kinds of vague inconsistent and confusing unprofessional responses I’m getting from Monzo I’m beginning to feel already like they are starting to become like all the other banks.


Why doesn’t the £99 auth hold ever appear in Monzo transaction list then like all the other auth holds which actually end up matching their ultimate transaction completion.

I don’t know.

You do realise I don’t work for Monzo right?

7:40 comment was ref other unseen staff support comment to me not non staff in this thread.

It’s all really confusing…
It’s all done by computers…

Pay in the kiosk if you’re short of cash.

Will work as per normal card transaction.

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It’s all done by computers. If you have less than £99 available balance on your account then it will likely decline. If it’s approved then a £1 hold is made and is normally adjusted the following day or two.

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Bottom line I think.

Any transaction may get declined and any declined transaction you may not be able to find out why.

There’s a lot of confusion around this thanks to how inconsistent the pay at pump terminals process the transactions (most don’t follow the rules and make up their own).

Bottom line is, Monzo will honour any authorisation provided your balance is high enough and will display it immediately. They will also adjust the transaction to reflect the final amount presented during settlement or if the authorisation is adjusted beforehand (I’ve seen this at a French pay at pump, where they authorised like 150€ but then adjusted it immediately to the real amount once I was done with the fuel, like it should be).

Whether some authorise 1£ or 99£ is up to the merchant. The truth is that we have all the technology in the world to make this a good experience; authorise a reasonable amount first (99? And allow the user to choose a lower one if the first one declines), give out the fuel, then amend the authorisation immediately once the user is done refuelling and you know the exact amount, so they don’t have to wait until settlement (3 days?) to know the real amount.


£1 is the pre auth amount to check funds in account, not really an active card check, pubs do a 1p pre auth/ tab balance, there is generally no fee attached to active card check well there never has been on any Monzo reported active card checks from Morrison’s, Playstaion network or AO.com using my Monzo account.

I know that for example if I used RBS and say had £20 in the account I know I can go to payatpump and it would take 2/3 days to be taken, I did advise this to an ex work colleague over a year ago so the £99 was not in place at all.

I think now in some not all PAP that they pre auth £1 check you have at least £99 accept decline accordingly, then adjust next day (my experience with Monzo)

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I think I finally have what I submit is possibly the most accurate description of the operation of pay at pump transactions with Monzo.

For a pay at pump transactions the actual transaction amount is unknown and so Monzo run their risk engine and decide whether to decline the initial auth hold request.

The full parameters and operation of this risk engine are undisclosed and so an accurate reason for decline cannot be provided.

I “think” that pretty much covers it.

I can’t comment as to Monzo but in many security models such things are not totally known to ANYONE thanks to the use of machine learning.