Tenant Liability Insurance

I’m moving home in a few weeks and, for the first time, the new estate agent requires us to have Tenant Liability Insurance.

I’ve seen Homelet mostly talked about for around £8 a month. Does anyone else have experience with TLI and have any recommendations for a reliable provider?

I have never taken it out but I have been looking at Wrisk for insurance

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I have this at my current place (also a requirement). Annoying but I just treat it as part of the rent price. It covers my contents too so saves getting another policy.

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Just to advise, with a Wrisk policy, we have an inclusion for Landlords contents and an option to add accidental damage. Wrisk cover is not technically Tenants Liability as it does not cover items related to the building ie: permanent fixtures and fittings.

Take a look here: http://help.wrisk.co/your-contents-cover/landlords-contents

It’s worth reviewing the specific requirements your tenancy requires and then choose the most appropriate cover.


Ahh that’s interesting. The estate agent has framed it as we specifically need tenant liability insurance but I’ll maybe ask them whether a Wrisk policy with that extra policy would suffice.

I was actually looking at Wrisk for contents/phone insurance recently, I saw an option for Accidental damage but nothing indicating additional cover for landlords stuff.

Edit: sorry, I’m on mobile and just read your reply properly.

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I told my letting agent to get stuffed. If the landlord wanted insurance he could pay for it
They never asked again

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Lol that was my initial thought too, I’ve never needed to insure the landlords stuff before. I actually thought landlords would need various insurances anyway which would cover the carpets/fixtures etc

When I asked an insurer about it, they just said it isn’t normal to insure someone else’s property. They didn’t even offer a product.

Landlord cover is included under ‘things in your home’, no need to add anything on apart from accidental damage. All you would need to do is to ensure your basic cover for things in your home (which starts at £3k) is high enough to include the Landlord’s stuff and your own contents.

perhaps OP is on one of these no-deposit schemes where you pay for the insurance monthly instead of a lump sum deposit?
(I’ve heard these things exist but have never seen one)

I could certainly see an advantage to that if you didn’t have the cash to hand - I only got the property I’m in now because the person with first dibs didn’t have the cash available to pay the fees and deposit etc

Nah, having to pay a deposit equal to one months rent plus £200 as well as this. They’re trying to push Legal4Landlords as the insurer so I’m assuming they’re making a commission out of it :frowning:

(Anyone who has done references through L4L, you’ll know why I’m really not keen on using them as the insurance provider)

They’re also not accepting that we can increase our own contents insurance limit. They keep coming back to the example of if the kitchen sink was damaged then we wouldn’t be able to claim insurance on it. Personally, I think I would really have to put an effort in to damage a kitchen sink but seems like they’re not really budging.

wierd. I suppose it’s just one of those things that there’s a lawyer somewhere that says that they need this. I would have thought this would have been covered between the deposit and the Landlord’s Insurance.

Unless the Landlord’s insurer sells Tenant Liability Insurance, so they have it in their Landlord Insurance that the tenant must have it

You know that’s an interesting thought. If the estate agent are pushing L4L onto us as tenants then it might be assumed they push it onto landlords as well. It might well be something along those lines.