Content Insurance Recommendation? (Flat Leasehold)

Hey everyone. I’ve recently bought a 2 bedroom flat. All is well and dandy but I’ll need some contents insurance that’ll cover loose items and the usual risks (burst pipes, electrical, accidental spills etc).

I’ve just run through a couple comparison sites which have provided some suitable plans from the post office, john lewis, admiral etc. But I was wondering if you savvy people could recommend a provider from your own experiences in their customer services and claim process. I wonder if a Monzo equivilant home insurance company is due,

Thanks All.

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Usually it would be hard to beat combining building and contents insurance. Have you got a quote from your building insurance provider? Failing that use Compare the market or similar and select one of the cheaper quotes that you have actually heard of. If price is not an issue then use NFU or Aviva.

If it’s leasehold then you can’t get buildings insurance, that is done by the owner?

I have been with Admiral for years (4 years contents, 1 year building & contents), and been very happy with them. I’ve had a total of three claims, they’ve always paid out real quickly without big hassle, and despite the number of claims didn’t raise the premium. (They tried to last year, but when I threatened to leave they reconsidered.) - Others hate them with a passion, though …

Ah, yes I forgot to mention. I’m looking for contents only

When I was living in rented property, I think we tended to use TheAA for Home Contents Insurance. I think we currently have JohnLewish Buildings+Contents : but I haven’t made a claim for anything like that since around 2007 (boiler leak) and I can’t remember who we were with at the time :frowning:

I understood that but wasn’t sure if @anon81274823 did :slight_smile:

Hey everyone, thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:

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