Equipment Insurance against Theft/Loss

Hey all,
I’m currently renting my camera through Fatllama but since their insurance seems a bit unreliable, I was wondering if anyone here knows a good (and cheap) insurance that covers loss and theft and which allows rental.

ps: I’m London based.

Thanks x

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Have a look at Wrisk? I’ve just checked and they definitely cover cameras:

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yeah I am actually looking at it but I was hoping to insure my phone as well and ideally I wanted to pay less than 10£ per month. Wrisk is quoting me over 18£, not sure if I’m doing it wrong or if it’s impossible to find anything that cheap. I’ve never had an insurance before so I don’t know.

Contact Andrew at Mediaroo

Wrisk also don’t cover items used for work related purposes (just in case as rentals usually are)

How much was the fat llama insurance?

ah for some reason I read the other day that fatllama doesn’t cover theft or loss which I thought quite stupid since those the main things they should cover. But now I am checking again and it says a different thing, maybe I misread it, anyway thanks all for the feedback I’ll look into it.