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Samsung, lg and sony

Anyone had a Bush tv

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I did. And a Bush integrated stereo system.

If I had the cash I’d get me some LG OLED goodness.

Samsung - have had all the other main makes over last 15 years.
I’d avoid bush - had bad experience a few years ago - lasted less than 18 months.

The only issue is the panels don’t last very long. 8k hours they’ve degraded to half brightness. Meaning the average person will need a new TV every 4 and a bit years.

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We won a Samsung 65" Curved top of the range TV in a competition, died in 4 months.

Samsung upstairs, 2 of the 4 hdmis are faulty. I’ve not had a good experience with them.

I’ve heard lots of good stuff about LG. They seem to know what they’re doing.

I got polaroid now and its ok

Sony, Samsung, Polaroid, LG.

I always ensure my life remains bush free. Never been a fan






So Polaroid is ok yeah


Got a Sony full hd since 2008 moved it to bedroom when got our new sony 4K uhd tv was looking at the Sony Oled but was £900 over budget even in Black Friday sales :joy:

Samsung LE40B650 is the current TV. Nearly ten years old I think. Lining up a replacement in the near future. Looking at an ambilight.


Up until recently I was using an LG one, had it for a decade and it was reliable. Recently upgraded to a Philips Ambilight model and I’m very impressed with it. You don’t see as many of them in this country, but they are commonplace in Holland since Phillips is a Dutch brand.