Television Makes

I’ve always been a massive fan of Samsung TVs.

Got a really old LE32C580J1K that I bought when Best Buy had its short lived endeavour on the UK, was back when 1080p was still a premium! It’s still going strong in the bedroom. It weighs more than my all my other TVs put together because it has a huge glass base and huge thick plastic/glass bezels!

Got a small Samsung SmartTV in the office which serves as a second screen/Plex player when I’m in the office.

Only just replaced the TV downstairs with an 49” LG 4K display but that’s only because someone at work was flogging it for next to nothing! Not a fan of the WebOS version of Plex because it wants to transcode everything but other than that, it’s great. The Wii remote style Magic Remote is a bit gimmicky but I use my Harmony remote anyway.