✅ Telephone Banking

I don’t need help but it’s a query. I understand that Monzo App is the main place to do the banking on your account.

I’ve been told it’s not possible to set a standing order or make payments via the phone service in the past when I’ve not had access to the app in the past

Your website under the financial conduct section it’s got a tick stating all those can be done on the phone.

I think its needs wording differently.

I dont know the answer to this as I have never tried outside the app but I would of thought it should be possible to set some of these up over the phone

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A friend of mine also got told no. For starters their no security for telephone banking.

My error I didn’t see the bottom of it does clearly state on a difference section that you cant I apologise can close this thread

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Aye it does explain things, well spotted :smiley:.

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Curious as bar being somewhere with zero internet, which is a bit of a rarity in England, I know rural places in Scotland and Wales have spotty mobile internet, why would you want to do anything over the phone?

Personally if I have to ring anyone to get anything done that I cannot do via an app or my PC its a bad day.