Contacting Monzo

ive lost my phone and need to speak to someone… i cant use the app chat as i have no phone… ive emailed and facebooked them but no reply! meh

Have you tried calling? 0800 8021 281

Can you use someone else’s phone to call them ?

lol beaten me to it

no, noones home for 4 days! x

Phonebox :slight_smile:

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Whats that :rofl:


the phonebox near where i live are stuffed with chewing gum. you cant use them… someones shoved it in the coin holes!! im so stuck ahahah

Hahaha :laughing:

I’m sure they have friends or relatives that will lend them their phone too :slight_smile: or you can pop to Argos now and buy a new one for less than £10 :exploding_head:

@simonb can you help?

What do you need to speak to them about, perhaps someone on here can answer your question?

Monzo is an app based bank so you need to get a new phone regardless. Otherwise you can’t effectively manage your money.

Perhaps call them from your computer, using Skype?

You shouldn’t need to put coins in a phonebox to dial an 0800 number and it would be free from a mobile or landline if someone can let you make a call on theirs. Failing that, you can also login to a basic version of Monzo on the web (assuming you can access your email through webmail as well):

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Hi there Emma, sorry for the delay.

Did you manage to get your issue resolved or do you still need help? Let me know :grinning:

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