Ted Lasso talk (Apple TV)


So I’m thinking about getting a new Mac. Tell me you still get free Apple TV with one!

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You might!

I still feel AppleTV is worth the money for the sheer quality of many of their shows. Not a lot of shows but quality is great.


Agreed. Over the last ten years it is easily the platform I have watched the most on. And it hasn’t even been a thing for ten years! Quality over quantity.

What are you thinking of?

The free Apple TV with purchase of an Apple device is a one time only offer, so if you’ve taken advantage of it before, you won’t get it again. (Unless you use a different Apple ID maybe?)

This isn’t directed at you, but Apple is seriously not giving a few months free TV when you drop a lot of money on a new device if you’ve had it before? Wow. Just wow.

The Ts&Cs linked to in @N26throwaway’s post state:

This offer is not available if you or your Family have previously accepted an Apple TV+ one-year-free offer.

It is a bit of a shame. I got the 12 months free with the relatively minor purchase of an Apple TV box, so I was a bit miffed not to get anything when I bought my MacBook.

So much new stuff dropping today, I can’t keep up.

Here’s the Ted lasso trailer.


Ted Lasso starts today folks. Caught me off guard when I saw it in my up next last night. Was expecting Friday as it’s always been Friday with Apple.



So glad it’s back. Watched it yesterday, enjoyed it :smiley:

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The music from series 3 is already on Apple Music, too:

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Normality with weekly releases of Ted Lasso are good. I don’t have the patience to save it for a Friday though - so it being on Wednesday has thrown me off slightly! But I just watched it during the hour of Octopus saving last night! :smiley:


The penis rope from this week’s episode…

Funniest bit of TV I’ve seen in years. It was hysterical!


Spoiler tags plz


Thanks for ruining the episode.


Sorry! Forgot the spoiler tag and never saw leet’s reply!

If I could have edited your post I would have to avoid others knowing.
Its not the end of the world but it does mean there is a chance I will not be watching this week in the hopes I forget by next week, we will see if I can wait.

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I don’t think it was that spoilery in all honesty. It’s a 2 minute out of a 61 minute long episode, and doesn’t give anything away as to what happens in the scene besides what’s what’s involved in it. But if it ruined the whole episode for Michael then I must be way off. :grimacing:

I don’t understand why Discourse didn’t notify me of your reply! That was visible for hours, so has probably ruined it for several others as well. :pensive:

Sorry everyone!