Ted Lasso talk (Apple TV)

I think irrelevant of what it is, to post something during the working day about what’s happened in an episode that aired on that day for the first time, where it’s 99% guaranteed not everyone’s watched it, in a thread that hasn’t been posted in for one month… would warrant some spoiler tags! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, if you’d read my last two apologies you’d know I intended to use it but didn’t realise I hadn’t.
As soon as I became I aware, I corrected it and apologised. Not sure what else you want from me.


This. With no context or description, it isn’t a spoiler. No different to saying Will as Beard.


For most, it probably didnt matter, I shouldnt have gone into the topic to be honest but I forgot the episode came out in the morning otherwise I would have ignored this thread till I watched it.
It happens plenty on the internet, I just wish I had not read it.

For me, I read something like that and I start imagining the scenarios and god forbid I get close and its burned completely for me and loses all impact but its something I cant help but do.

God I hope thats not relevant or occurs because now I am imagining it which would be crap if it did happen in the episode.

Muted the topic? No idea why it didnt but I find Discourse not notifying me of replies occasionally as well.

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I’ve not quite been enjoying this season as much as S1+2.

The whole Zava plot line I haven’t found that enjoyable, seems like filling air time so fair. Think the new Keely plot is more fun than the Ted plot at the mo.


How far into it are you?

Something was a bit off for me initially too. Like a feeling of tense uneasiness. But in the last two episodes it’s loosened up a lot and I’ve enjoyed them a lot more.

I think it’s been struggling a bit with trying to manage the tension and anxiety of wanting the team to win, as well as Ted’s personal problems, and the Nate fallout from season 2 whilst remaining a feel good light hearted comedy.

I think I’m up to all but today’s episode. I haven’t penis roped yet.

It feels just like there are one or two too many threads happening at once this season - and I’m imagining not all of them will result in a ‘decent’ payoff.

Spoilers up to last week, but seems a lot to resolve:

Richmonds lack of a win
Rebcca’s ferttility
Keelys’ PR firm; the dodgy hire + Jack threads
the unresolved Nate+Ted line - which I’m imagining will be the finale.
Zava’s bit - which seems to be done now.
Ted’s therapy + anxiety
Ted’s kid
Ted’s ex’s relationship with their counsellor.
Rupert cheating

Just seemingly putting a lot out there compared to normal it feels.


Yeah, I see where you’re coming from!

The episodes are all substantially longer this season to accommodate too!

I remember in season one most if not all were sub 30 minute episodes, but now they’re close to the hour mark.

I didn’t care for the Zava thing either, mostly because introducing a character like that can really screw with the dynamic, but I think the purpose is obvious at this point, especially…

Episode 7 spoiler

In this episode. Trent Crimm really drives it home at the end of the episode. Because the whole show has been building to it. Ted’s goal has always been to help people become the best version of themselves, and it’s clear that’s what these threads are leading towards even if it’s not entirely obvious yet because we don’t have the hand sight. I trust the writers to bring it all together together though.


Turns out I’m two eps behind, busy week(s). Hopefully will get caught up but the synopsis sound intriguing.

Especially this plot line:

. Nate works up the courage to ask Jade on a date

I could watch that for days.

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On the penis rope I don’t think it was a big spoiler. By the time you realise what’s happening they’ve already explained it and it doesn’t take away from the subsequent comedy.

My issue here – and a reason why I struggle to enjoy it at times – is that they felt the need to politicise the series at times. I’m watching Ted Lasso as an escape from reality and I don’t want to encounter politics much. Especially this last episode has been a tough one at times.


A little Easter egg from yesterday’s episode. I wouldn’t say it’s a spoiler, but marked as such just in case.


Looks like you have to use that very specific wording otherwise it just does a web search

While I still enjoy Ted Lasso, and this season has lots of great life advice I wish I could plaster on my walls like some people do with Live Laugh Love, it’s a bit grating that every other episode they introduce a new social issue from the last decade in an effort to make a massive salad of “look how enlightened we are”


Agreed. The last episode I saw had a social issue that I agree with the point it was making but it felt just so plonked there with no real thought.

Brooklyn 99 did the same thing in the last season and I just stopped watching.

Today’s episode was fantastic, just the sort of stuff I enjoy Ted Lasso for. It made me tear up at times.

Especially the sequence where Nate plays the violin. It was chef’s kiss :pinched_fingers:


The last 5 episodes or so have been knocking it out of the park for me, after a rocky start to the season.

I wonder if that’s somewhat intentional though, as it sort of flows with how well the team is playing. A little like how Ted in season 2 was purposely written to feel off because of his personally struggles.

For me, this episode, it was all about Uncle Roy Day and That tie dye t shirt.


Keely had the best lines tonight.

The whole what is May short - maybe?
Nice to see you in colour (to Roy)

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Todays episode was another great one. We’re at game of thrones level run times now.

The whole 3 season story arc they went in with is becoming clear now, and if this is the end, I don’t think I’d mind that. They’ll have told a very coherent story without outstaying their welcome. Given where the plot seems like it’s going with that cliffhanger, they’re gonna write themselves into a corner with a proper ending feeling ending, like Mythic Quest did.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d love more. The show fills me with joy, but it feels right and it’s very rewatch-able anyway.


This weeks episode was so wonderful. As you said earlier it’s been really building through the season with the last few episodes being brilliant. (Hopefully that didn’t need a spoiler tag).

Ted is such a wonderful Mary Poppins. I’m going to miss them all.


I had to go rewatch the violin scene. Apparently it was the actor and his wife doing the actual music there. Literal Chills.

Will always love “They fuck you up your mum and your dad”.

Feels like the Jack arc ended quite abruptly - would love to have seen more of that - but they are very much focusing on the “around the event” style of story telling.

Have loved the last episode - some fun spoiler moments I lived for.

  • a Loaf of Meth
  • Thank you and Fuck You
  • Jamie’s dad in rehab :cry:
  • Jade’s OH NOOO HE DID WHAT scene.
  • “I hope either all of us, or none of us, get judged on our lowest moments” :cry:

Glad I stuck with it a few eps back ;