Monzo Premium gadget travel insurance

Sorry if its a dumb question but it doesn’t say anywhere.

Family of 4. We each have a phone. I also take my iPad, Macbook. We all have AirPods. I assume it’s £750 per person just because of the amount of gadgets a family have surely it could not be just £750 for the whole family?

Am deciding whether to get Monzo Premium for travel insurance and this is the sticking point at the moment.


Page 32 looks to be total value £750 per trip.

Benefit table per trip.

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When do you travel and are you currently a Premium subscriber?

There’s a switch from one provider (AXA) to a new one (Zurich, via Qover) at the end of this month for existing Premium subbers, so the T&C’s may vary because of this.

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You will get better insurance at a lower price elsewhere. Don’t get a paid bank account for travel insurance alone.

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Oh yes it can. Not at all competitive compared to other packaged bank account offerings.

As @lpoolrob notes, not worth it just for this perk, unless you get value from other features of course.

I’d look elsewhere, it will almost certainly be a better option.

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The minimum £45 for Premium for 3 months will get you very good travel insurance.


I have the same thought, 750 is way to low current coverage is much higher.