Teaser: Analytics for Monzo - App for Android

This app will be released when the public API is released early next year after current accounts.

Here is a list of current features in the app:

  • Overview
    • Spending per time
    • Balance over time
    • Spend per category
    • Spend per merchant
  • Categories
    • Spend per category
    • Category table (name/visits/total/average)
  • Merchants
    • Spend per merchant
    • Average per merchant
    • Visits per merchant
    • Merchant table (name/visits/total/average)
  • Eating Out
    • Spend per time of day
    • Type of venue
  • can choose time period: last 31 days, this month, last month, this year, all time

There’s a lot more to come. I welcome suggestions.


Spend per transaction type, e,g. chip and pin, atm, contactless

Spend per currency, for frequent travellers.

A graph of returns/refunds separate from spending.

And spending periods not just monthly or weekly but options of 2 weekly and 4 weekly too