Seeing spent at merchants for the month

Hi, apologies as i’m not sure if this has already been asked/answered.

Is there a way of seeing how much has been spent at all the merchants I’ve used for the month?

Can’t seem to find anything on the app

thanks in advance

Does the summary screen not show this?

Not that i can find -
I can see general spending (Transport, general, shopping etc) but nothing pointing out how much was spent at any particular merchant.

I don’t think it does it for one month but if you click on a transaction, scroll down to Your [name] history and click on the Number of payments link to find all the entries for it.

Thats one thing that lacks on Monzo compared to Starling is switching between Categories and Merchants in the month.

You can do this in the search (on iOS).

It’s the little shop front icon.

You can change the time frame a couple of icons down.

Yeah the merchant option on Starling really helps figure out where i’m spending for the month.
Won’t be able to do that easily if i have to search for each merchant individually


This is the one thing I miss from Starling :neutral_face:

Monzo used to have something similar on the Android app - really hope it comes back


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